How To Exercise Your Mind to Improve Memory

Exercising your mind to improve memory is really quite simple.  Just like exercising your body, regular adherence to a training program will keep it healthy and in shape.  Here a few ideas to consider when making an exercise plan for your brain:

1. Puzzles

Crossword puzzles and picture puzzles, while old-fashioned as they may be, train your mind to think abstractly.  With crossword puzzles, you improve your memory by forcing yourself to remember words, and how they relate to other words that intersect them in the crossword puzzle.

You can improve your memory with picture puzzles by remembering each puzzle piece in its abstract form, and figuring out how they eventually connect up with the rest of the puzzle.

2.  Logic games

Logic games give you a set of details from which you must make correct conclusions using simple rules of logic.  If you are not mathematically inclined, it will take a bit of time to master.  But afterwards you will become completely addicted.  At the same time you will be exercising your mind in a way you have never done before!

3.  Play chess

The ancient game of chess is alive and well today.  Learning how to play the various pieces in order to checkmate your opponent will certainly improve your memory.  But that is just the beginning.  The real brain exercise comes with the strategy involved in game play.  Learning how to take your opponents' pieces while protecting your own can take a lifetime to master, but it's definitely worth the mental workout!

4.  Study a language

Learning a new language can be very challenging.  People often think it's harder to learn a new language the older they are.  While this might be true, that makes it even more of a challenge worth stimulating your brain!  Foreign language learning stimulates parts of your brain unused by other activities.  You can improve your memory with foreign vocabulary exercises.

5.  Searching the Internet

Believe it or not, searching the internet is one of the greatest ways to exercise your mind in order to improve memory.  Once you enter your search query, you are often presented with dozens and dozens of results.  Do this often enough with more than one search engine, and you will be forced to remember how to retrieve the various desired results amongst all the choices presented to you by the search engines!

All of these various exercises are excellent ways to delay memory loss and prevent dementia.


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