How To Exude Confidence

Being comfortable in your own skin and coming across as righteously confident seems like an overly simple thing. But we all know it takes more than just telling yourself you are confident, to actually appear as one, without coming off as arrogant. There are some people who just exude it or walk and talk with a certain command to their voice. There are some people who make following them so easy and seamless. Being confident and not appearing irritatingly arrogant is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself. The steps below will help you reach that point.

  • Be comfortable with who you really are. Knowing what you really like, what you stand up for and what you believe in are the first few steps in being comfortable with what you know. If you accept yourself for all of your quirks and weaknesses, then it would be easier for others to accept those qualities in you, too.
  • Keep your spirit intact. This seems like an easy task but whenever there are desperate situations, moments where you feel that your world just crumbled, you must psych yourself to get up and fight that negative emotion. Do not let anyone break your mindset and spirit. You must also accept that everyone in this world has their own opinion and they may not be the most pleasant things in the world. Do not let them get to you, if you do, then they have just succeeded in breaking you down.
  • Maintain the right attitude. Once you psych yourself that no one can ever bring you down, you just now have to live that part of the deal. Bring that decision to every move you take. For example, with the way you dress, so who cares if your green scarf brightly clashes with your orange dress? If you believe you can make it work, then it will work for you. So what if all of your co-workers eat at a fine dining restaurant every day? If you really believe in saving your money for things that matter more, like traveling abroad, then go ahead and eat at places where it is more economical. Soon you’ll see yourself making these choices a lot faster and without much pretense since you are essentially making these decisions for you.
  • Know what is good for you. To further boost your confidence, make sure that your past decisions are worth repeating. If you really like how you looked when you dyed your hair red, then by all means, maintain it. If you really enjoyed going to the beach despite getting a tan darker than the usual, then enjoy your new color. If ever you find yourself in stumble, think of how you can make your current situation, no matter how grave, work for you.

Having confidence in yourself will eventually translate to the world having confidence in you. You will recover quicker from tragedies and find it easier to accept other people’s quirks, as well. You’ll never know, they might also be building up their personal confidence and you might have a few tips to spare.


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