How To Facilitate Spiritual Growth with Energy Healing

Energy healing is available for people who seek for spiritual guidance, growth and relief from spiritual unrest as manifested by different disease conditions, emotional and physical symptoms. Energy healing techniques facilitate spiritual growth and healing to restore inner balance and spiritual equilibrium. Energy healing is based on the premise that the body and soul are one, and that organisms or the environment does not solely bring about illnesses. Sometimes, diseases appear because there are afflictions in one's body, mind, soul and spirit. In turn, these afflictions cause physical symptoms which at times cannot be explained by medicine or science.

Through energy healing, spiritual channels are discovered and opened. Defects in the aura and chakra are seen and recognized, cleansed and balanced, which helps in the healing and recovery of the spirit, thus facilitating spiritual growth. Below are ways on how to facilitate spiritual growth through the aide of energy healing.

  • Chios Energy Healing. Chios energy, translated in English as "life force energy", healing technique is one of the most modern type of energy healing. It was created and developed by Steve Barett. This type of spiritual healing is based on the theory that the body may be afflicted with defects in the higher spiritual field surrounding it. This spiritual field is composed of seven auras and seven chakras. The conditions of these layers is reflected in the condition of the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit of the person.Chios energy healing offers powerful techniques, which will help the spiritual energy healer to identify the defects in the aura and chakras. These defects, when determined, will be healed through the highly specific techniques of Chios energy healing, thus restoring the spiritual equilibrium of the body. In order to be a Chios master, you must have an attunement-in-person from a Chios Master Teacher. These are according to specific guidelines to protect the sanctity and purity of these techniques. By following these techniques, you can attain a growth and enlightenment.
  • Reiki. Reiki is a spiritual healing practice developed in Japan by Mikao Usui. It is an alternative medicine, which uses palm healing. This oriental alternative medicine has three degrees, namely: First, Second, and Teacher degree. It is aid that the First degree are able to heal themselves and others, the second degree could heal in a distant through the use of spiritual symbols, while the Teacher degree could teach and attune others to reiki.
  • Qigong. Qigong is a Chinese form of energy healing with positive effects on various ailments. The main theory for qigong healing Is the control of the qi - the energy flow that sustains life. An original amount of qi is said to be found in the body. This energy is seen in all elements - in the air, in food, even in the sunlight. In qigong, the qi and its interaction with the environment is balanced and manipulated. Calmness and sense of well-being is then achieved.

Energy healing is a dynamic and can affect biological processes. The journey to spiritual enlightenment is through series of manipulations of spiritual flow. Physical, mental and emotional efforts are needed to achieve spiritual growth and ultimately, equilibrium.


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