How To Feel Sexy After Menopause

Many women dread the onset of menopause. However, it’s actually a time to celebrate! No need to deal with messy sanitary pads, tampons and cramps. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about getting pregnant. Your hormone levels may have taken a dive, but with a little help, you can still feel sexy after menopause.

Stop focusing on your age and start thinking about all the great things you can do for yourself. Here’s how to feel sexy after menopause.

  • Accept this is the new you. You have to love and accept yourself no matter what age or stage in life you are in. Celebrate that you have survived the awful teen years, the dramatic 20’s, the exciting 30’s and tumultuous 40’s. Focus on your accomplishments at this point in your life. If you’ve raised well-rounded children, good for you! If you work in a corporate setup, you’re probably at the point in your career where you have overcome several professional challenges. Your body has gone through so many changes over the years, be thankful that you are still healthy and alive!
  • Take care of yourself. Exercise regularly. Staying active will help keep you strong, give you more energy and help you feel young. Eat things that are healthy for you. Load up your diet with anti oxidant rich foods, and start cutting back of read meats and highly processed foods.
  • Dress appropriately. Nothing screams old and trying too hard than a woman trying to dress like she’s still in her twenties. Give it up! Wearing tank tops and skinny jeans or short shorts when you should be having menopause isn’t appropriate, and it doesn’t look good. It’s better to dress your age - but in a mature, polished and sophisticated manner. You can still be sexy without baring a lot of skin. However, just because you’re menopausal doesn’t mean you have to give up your sexy underwear. By all means, indulge yourself! Your spouse will love you for it.
  • Give yourself a sexy environment. Place candles in your bedroom. Play soft music to help you relax. Get silk sheets on the bed. Have a vase of fresh flowers in your home. Throw out any clutter. If you live in a clean and organized environment,  it is conducive to you being rested, relaxed and achieving an overall sense of well being. If you feel good, it’s easier to feel sexy.
  • Touch your spouse. Cuddle up with your spouse or partner. Hold hands while you’re walking. Tactile stimulation is a great way to feel loved, secure and sexy. Give him a hug or rub his back. You may just get lucky!
  • Talk to your gynecologist. The biggest threat a woman faces during menopause is the natural fluctuation of hormone levels. This can cause a variety of physical and emotional symptoms, even depression. Depending on your health and specific situation, you may need to go on hormone replacement therapy.

These simple things can help a menopausal woman to still feel beautiful and sexy. Don’t hold yourself back and think that because you’ve reached a certain age, you can’t have sex anymore or that you won't ever feel good about yourself again. It starts with your attitude and treating yourself well.


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