How To Fight Gingivitis with Nutrition

Most people will eat five meals a day including snacks. This adds up to 35 meals a week and 140 meals a month. Imagine how much food our mouth needs to take in and digest just for us to survive. Along with every food we eat are bacteria that are left in our teeth, gums and tongue. This is the reason why we need to brush our teeth at least three times a day. 

Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that damages our gums resulting in the swelling or inflammation of the gums. It starts from plaque. Then, if not given the needed attention, this turns out to be gingivitis. Nevertheless, gingivitis can be fought through proper nutrition. Here are some tips to do so.
Eat food with high fiber. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains improve our immune system which is our primary defense against bacteria build up. Our immune system is capable of protecting our gums from the bacteria we get from the food we eat.

Eat crunchy foods rather than soft foods. Eating crunchy foods help your teeth to be cleaned on their own. They tend not to stay in between your teeth and hang around your gums unlike soft foods. Soft foods stick in our teeth and gums and attract bacteria.

Do not forget to take vitamins. Vitamins are very good combatants against bacterial growth. They are also a very good source of nutrition our body needs to stay healthy. They can be found mostly on fruits and vegetables we eat.

Do not make it a habit to eat food with high sugar content. Foods with high sugar content not just lead us to diabetes but also allow bacterial growth in our mouth. Bacteria like sugar, and will usually feed on residual sugar from sweet foods. They tend to build up in your mouth every time you eat sweets like candies and fruit juices.

Visit your dentist regularly. A proper nutrition also includes setting a visit to your dentist for regular checkups on your teeth. Your dentist knows the proper way to avoid gingivitis. Ask them about nutritional facts that will help you prevent the occurrence of gingivitis.

Brush your teeth thoroughly. Brushing your teeth thoroughly kills away bacteria in your mouth. The chemicals included in the tooth brush are specifically designed to take away bacteria in your mouth. Also, do not be too light and quick when brushing your teeth because it does not take away all the bacteria. 

It is an unquestionable fact that we get a lot of benefits from proper nutrition. It promotes our health, physical make up, and mental alertness. Even though some disregard it and think of it as a major obstruction in their freedom to eat, it proves to be a relevant practice. Proper nutrition stems from a good discipline. Without it, we can never fight any form of diseases such as gingivitis. Gingivitis only develops when you take dietary habits for granted. Excluding whole grains, fruits and vegetables from our diet weakens our immune system and allows bacteria build up and growth within the mouth.


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