How To Find a Doctor that Accepts Medicare and Medicaid

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In today’s time, the country is experiencing a so-called medical crisis. This means that the medical care of the country is becoming too expensive. That is why people are very dependent on Medicaid and Medicare. But the problem is that it is also becoming very hard and very difficult to find a doctor who will accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Because of this, the government has reduced the payment percentage they should pay for every procedure. Also, another effect of this situation is that private insurers do not want to subsidize patients who are admitted in the public by releasing higher rates. Therefore, doctors do not lower their charge of payment. So if the number of patients doubles and triples the demand of Medicaid and Medicare increases also, but the number of doctors accepting patients remain the same. Thus, the question is how to get a doctor. Below are some ideas to seek a doctor that accepts Medicare and Medicaid quite easier.

  • Be patient. Sometimes it takes time to have a clinic or a doctor who accepts Medicaid or Medicare patients. It will take couple of hours or worst, days for you to be scheduled for an appointment. Make allowance for your initial visit. But if it is really an emergency, proceed immediately to the emergency room of the hospital.
  • Contact local health or social service department. This is your initial step in tracking down potential Medicaid or Medicare providers. This will help you gather enough information to guide you in your search. Search on the Internet because definitely there are available online Medicaid and Medicare doctor directories. Though these directories do not give you a 100% guarantee for an appointment at least you will get hold of all the current listings of providers and the right places to start looking for them.
  • Enter on the Internet. This website gives you enough information about Medicare and supply the listings of the local Medicare and Medicaid providers present in your own local. This is good way to start your search. If a doctor rejects your application, ask him if he can recommend others who can provide Medicaid and Medicare service.
  • Go directly to a health-managed care provider. Instead of going to a private doctor, consider a managed provider. If HMOs are controlled and managed by a non-public insurer, it means that it is interested to have HMO doctors who are accepting patients that are government insured. PHP’s or the Prepaid Health Plans are basically run by medical schools or hospitals that usually only admit Medicaid or Medicare patients.

If you’re a Medicare or Medicaid patient, expect to have enough time on the telephone just to look for your doctor. That is why you have to talk with other Medicaid and Medicare patients and know who their doctors are. The important thing that you need not forget in looking for a doctor who is willing to accept you as a Medicare or Medicaid patient is never ever give up. Try and try, and continue until you can find one.


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