How To Find a Good Orthodontist to do Braces

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Braces are oftentimes thought of as a rite of passage. Many adolescents and teenagers go through several years of high school life with braces, and thereafter even a few more years wearing retainers. Braces make beautiful smiles, after all, as the saying goes. True enough, after wearing braces one would have perfectly-aligned teeth, thus producing that beautiful smile. However, the ordeal of wearing braces is mostly a painful experience itself. It can also be an expensive treatment, depending on your orthodontist.

Hence there is a challenge to find a good orthodontist to do braces. A good orthodontist does not necessarily have to have the most expensive clinic and equipment in your area. The mark of a good orthodontist is how well he is able to achieve balance in providing you with adequate treatment at a comfort level you can manage, and a price you can afford. Here are a few tips in finding a good orthodontist to do your braces.

Honesty. Most medical and dental practitioners would be honest and straightforward about the treatments and services you would need. Generally, they will prescribe something that will be helpful to your overall health. Dentists and orthodontists are the same. They should be straightforward with you regarding your dental health. However, they should also give you options and offer differing opinions. For instance, a dentist can tell you that you need braces because of cosmetic reasons, but if the alignment of your teeth is not really bothering you, then you can probably just live with it. However, if the condition is serious, then it will be the orthodontist’s responsibility to explain the pros and cons of doing braces. An orthodontist should not convince you to wear braces just for the reason that he can make extra money from the service.

Availability. Wearing braces is not a one-time thing. You need to have the bands adjusted every two weeks or so, for the treatment to be effective. Therefore, you will need to see your orthodontist at least once or twice a month. Therefore, his schedule, as well as proximity, should be convenient for you. Find an orthodontist who holds clinic near your residence, school or place of work. If you are only available to visit during weekends or after office hours, then choose an orthodontist who has clinic hours during those times.

Experience and training. Orthodontic treatment is a serious affair, and you should not trust your oral health to someone who does not have enough training and experience to know the right diagnoses and interventions. Before going for any treatment, ask the orthodontist about his credentials. It’s not enough that one graduates from a prestigious dental school. He should also have continuing trainings and education. He should also have experience in treating similar cases as yours. Continuing education means that the orthodontist is updated with new and innovative ways to treat different orthodontic cases. When in doubt, you can always check with your state licensing board for the validity of your orthodontist’s license.

Affordability. Lastly, having braces can require quite a hefty sum. Look for an orthodontist who can offer staggered payment plans. Most orthodontists would charge an initial fee for tests like X-rays, and materials like the metal to be used in your braces. Thereafter, they can charge the balance on a per-visit basis. It would even be better if your orthodontist is affiliated with your medical and dental insurance plan, so you can save up on fees.

Choosing a good orthodontist is all about finding someone who has the adequate skills, and who can meet your needs as a patient, in terms of availability, price and convenience. You’ll be the one to experience the years of physical pain, after all, in your quest for a beautiful smile. So you might as well go for someone who can give you the best service at the best price.


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