How To Find a Muscle Supplement to Increase Muscle Mass

There are literally hundreds of muscle supplements available in the market today.  So many that they overwhelm the novice bodybuilder.  What supplement should you choose?  Which supplement is the most effective?  While you don't really need a muscle supplement to have increase muscle mass, taking them can aid in building up muscle faster.  You should remember that such muscle products are only effective for as long as you are already practicing good nutrition and are following an optimal training regimen.  Without the proper nutrition and training, the supplements will be ineffective.  Before you choose a muscle product, you should familiar with the different categories available.  Some of theses categories are regularly needed while others are dependent on your specific goals and budget.

  1. Multivitamins and minerals.  Multivitamins and minerals are the one thing you cannot do without for proper muscle nutrition.  A good multivitamin is considered the best mass supplement.  These multivitamins and minerals are needed to convert food you eat into tissues and energy.  Be careful in choosing a multivitamin and mineral pack since some manufacturers include ingredients that make it difficult for the body to absorb. Recommended brands are Prolab's Training Paks, Twinlabs and EAS.
  2. Protein supplements.  Protein is also essential to muscle increase. This is because protein is made up of amino acids.  These amino acids are important building blocks of muscle building.   There are several forms of protein available. These include  whey, soy, egg and casein.  Whey is a fast ingesting protein.  This makes it the perfect supplement to take when you need your body to quickly absorb protein.  If you want a sustained release of amino acids, you can take egg protein.  Egg protein is absorbed by the body within three hours.  If you don't need the protein to be absorbed by your system righ away, you can take casein protein.  Casein is absorbed within seven hours.  This is best taken just before you go to bed. While most protein supplements are animal-based, there is also soy protein available for vegetarians.  Different manufacturers have different protein supplements created for different needs.  There are  protein shakes for weight gainers, meal replacement powders, protein powders and bars, and beef liver tablets. 
  3. Natural testosterone boosters.  Raising the bodies testosterone levels also help you gain muscle as well as enhance your mood and libido.  Testosterone can increase muscle protein synthesis which can result in increased muscle mass.  Since testosterone is a hormone, it is important to note that teenageers should stay away from these supplements.  There is one hormone supplement though that is considered safe for teenagers.  Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate (ZMA) is a hormone supplement that is clinically proven to increase hormone levels as well as muscle strength.  If further supplemented with 30mg of Zinc and 450mg of magnesium per day, ZMA can improve testosterone levels by as much as 30%.  ZMA also contains vitamin B-6.  Because of the vitamin and mineral content of ZMA, teenagers can safely use this particular product. The more popular testosterone supplements include Optimum ZMA, NOW ZMA, and PrimaForce ZMA.

Remember that there are ways and means to build muscle without the aid of a muscle supplement.  But should you feel the need to use them, seek medical advice so you can make the most out of these supplements. 


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