How To Find All Natural Migraine Cures

Woman with a painful headache
One of the most common aches and afflictions that most people will probably experience one way or another is the nagging and incapacitating migraine. This is not the occasional mild headache a person feels on occasion. A migraine is an extreme form of headache caused by vascular contractions in your head. This is why a person suffering from a migraine will experience throbbing pains normally located at the forehead and may even affect the eyes. The pain can range from bearable to severe and for some people, migraines can attack regularly. While various pharmaceutical drugs claim to relieve and cure this affliction, these are not the only curative options available. There are many natural remedies out there that claim to have better and more results thus, ripe for exploration. A simple Internet search on Google should garner you a myriad of natural options but here are some of the common ones that anyone can try.

  • Take all natural. Over the counter and prescription drugs may be an option but they are not natural at all. So, if you are leading a natural lifestyle and want to stick to that, then you should know that there are many herbal options for you to try. Visiting a local health store or specialty herbal supply store should do the trick. On their shelves, they will have many herbal supplements that can both relieve and prevent migraine attacks. For instance, one recommended herbal supplement you can try is “FeverFew”. This herbal supplement is in capsule form and many people have claimed of its natural benefits in fighting migraines. Bear in mind that this is but one option you can try and remember that although many people claim that these natural herbal remedies work; there is no scientific basis to support the claim.
  • Cool your head. If you are not into ingesting medication of any sort, you can actually find relief by cooling your head. This should numb the arteries that keep contracting allowing you to breathe and focus a little better. All right, you can do this by simply applying cold compress to your forehead or wherever the pain is on your head. A makeshift ice pack should do. If you have none, then a wet towel will suffice as well. If you feel like it, you can also take a cold shower or bath as well.
  • Get a massage. A nice and smooth massage on your temple and at the back of your neck is a great way to soothe the pain and ease the vascular throbbing you are feeling. While this may not be a real cure, it can really relieve you of the annoying pain and may even put you to sleep. Ask a friend to work his fingers along your head starting at the area where the pain is strongly felt.
  • Sniff it out. Sometimes, the scents in a specific area can really trigger your migraine attack. At the same time, scents have been claimed to relieve the attacks as well. For instance, cigarette smoke is known to trigger migraines for some. This being said, you might want to stay away from it or any other scent that might force you to say hello to the pain. On the other hand, if you are already a casualty, you may want to stay in an area where the scent is soothing. Pick a scent that makes you feel happy and spray it all around the room where you are staying.

These are simply some of the natural remedies you will probably find on the Internet these days. There are definitely many more for you to explore if these four do not provide you the effect you desire.


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