How To Find and Keep True Happiness

True happiness, hmmm, that really makes you think, right? What is true happiness? If you really think about it, true happiness comes from the complete appreciation and contentment of who you are and what you have in life. Some people may think that true happiness is having the money to buy everything they want, get the latest gadgets and appliances, or achieve the highest level in their careers. In reality, all these are nothing simply because they are material. If you really think about it, true happiness is not something you can really define. It is just a state where nothing else matters. It is the place in your soul or spirit where you are ultimately content. Just by saying all of these makes you wonder that if something this elusive can truly be found. Well, it can and here are some concepts for you to grasp in order to find your inner peace and happiness.

  • Faith. Many people attribute true happiness with faith. Faith in a God, faith in family, faith in self, it really doesn’t matter what for as long as you have faith. In some sense, this is probably true. The Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and many other religious texts hint at the notion. With faith comes contentment. That is the belief of most people which is why happiness normally goes hand in hand with faith. Take a Christian man for example; he can be truly happy knowing that when his life ceases to exist, he knows that God will be there to bring him to paradise. This knowledge of something better can bring hope and faith to a person leading him to an enlightened state of mind thus, equating it with true happiness. All these being said, faith can definitely be one way to the road of true happiness. Keeping the faith means that you will be keeping your true happiness.
  • Things pass. Everything is a cycle. There will be the ups, the downs, and the ups again. It is the nature of the universe. Everything is fleeting and nothing lasts forever. Many people cannot grasp the concept that everything and anything will appear one second and gone the next. This is probably why many of these people fail to achieve true happiness because they are always looking for something. Some people want to be rich and live comfortably, other people want to live forever. All these material desires only condition people for disappointment. For instance, say a man works so hard to be able to earn enough money in order to buy the home of his dreams. Once he is able to purchase it, a calamity happens that levels this house to dust. Since this material wealth is something he treasures so much, when it disappears, he will surely feel shortchanged. True happiness is not getting the house but by believing and accepting that nothing lasts forever and that something even better is bound to come along. If you believe in this concept, you will feel content and less disappointed when something bad happens.

Aside from these concepts, you can easily attribute happiness by being with the people you love, the people that really matters. Yes, this can help you achieve true happiness as well provided that you believe that when these people are cease to exist, they will be in a place much like the paradise promised in all religions, heaven or nirvana.


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