How To Find Asperger's Support in Dallas

Named after the Australian doctor, Hans Asperger, Asperger’s Syndrome is disorder closely associated with autism. Technically, it is within the autism spectrum and is caused by a neurobiological deficiency that affects social interaction. The main deficiency that you will notice with people afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome is in their communication skills. Due to repetitive nonverbal and verbal mannerisms, people afflicted will have a hard time communicating with other people. This condition is worsened due to the lowering of a person’s self esteem caused by this deficiency. Most people afflicted will be depressed and will cower away from social interaction to avoid humiliation. While many people may think that this condition affects the person’s ability to function, the reality is that someone afflicted will have the same intelligence and cognitive development as that of normal people. In fact, a great majority of those afflicted will be of above average intelligence and can easily function as a contributing member of society. The only problem of course is in social interaction which can be easily remedied by support groups.

If you are residing in Dallas and are afflicted with this condition, then you should know that there are support groups readily available to assist you in working through your social interaction activities. Here are some tips on how to find these support groups.

  • Consult your doctor. The doctor you normally consult with regards to your health issues may instantly point you in the right direction. He is privy to all the various support groups and treatments available for people afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. This being said, asking him would be a wise choice. He may recommend community or hospital conducted support groups, a personal one on one session with a psychologist or psychiatrist, or may even know of other privately funded support systems for this syndrome or autism which includes this disorder.
  • Peruse This is the official non-profit informational website for Dallas residents afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. The site is operated by DANISH or Dallas Asperger’s Network for Information, Support, and Help. You can read various online articles and content about Asperger’s Syndrome as well as the various support programs already in place in the Dallas area. Normally, these support groups are operated within various schools and religious institutions all around the city. You can find the contact information and location of the nearest DANISH accredited program in your area in this website. The support group is free so no worries when it comes to finances.
  • Autism support groups. Although these support groups are specifically for people with autism, you may still want to consider them. Visit your community center and various schools in your area to find these groups. They are either run by the local government or by a private non-profit organization. One of the things they teach the members of the support group will focus on how to socially interact properly even with autism thus, making it perfect even for people with Asperger’s.

If all else fails, you can always get regular sessions with a psychologist to help you deal with your depression and social interaction skills. A one on one session with this professional should help you make great strides but coupling it with a support group will provide maximum results.


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