How To Find Cancer Risk by State

Studies have revealed that the risk of acquiring certain cancers varies among different states. You could find cancer risk by state through the following methods:

Conduct an Internet search. Make use of your search engine to find articles and websites that have information on cancer risk. Just type "cancer risk by state" to access these online resources.  You could add more keywords such as the state in question, the type of cancer, the date of the study, and others.

Visit cancer websites. If you don't know a specific website, you could look for these in your search engine. They contain various facts and details about cancer, and cancer risk by state may be included in their articles. You may also find links to other helpful articles found elsewhere on the Internet or download books or studies regarding the subject.

Read and listen to the news. There is news regarding cancer risk and these may be found in newspapers or in online news services. News in general is usually well researched and verified by news editors before being posted so as to assure trustworthy information. However, if you find that the news doesn't give an in-depth view regarding cancer risk by state, you may have to do additional research on other sources as well.

Ask your doctor. Your doctor is knowledgeable about cancer and he may know the different cancer risks present in each state. He may also recommend good sources of information that you could look into.

Look in online groups and forums. You will find that there are plenty of useful information posted in groups and forums dedicated to cancer research. You could also ask other members whether they know something about the topic. If there are no discussions yet, start it and wait for the responses. You may receive comments that range from the informative to the irrelevant so be sure you know how to separate credible information from those that are not.

Call cancer hotlines. Not only do people working in cancer hotlines provide counseling services, they could also give you helpful information as well. Ask about cancer risks for different types of cancer in each state. If you want, you could set up a meeting so that you could discuss the matter more thoroughly.

Go to your library. There may be books and studies about cancer risk in these, or you could order them online or from a catalogue. Books are more reliable sources of information than hearsay so base your research on them more frequently.

Ask around. People may offer insights regarding research or experiences they have. Choose those who are credible and knowledgeable enough in the field of cancer research. You could look for these people in directories and in social networking sites, or just ask people whether they know someone they could recommend to you.

Finding cancer risk by state allows you to prepare yourself for whatever conditions you may find in the state you're in. Arm yourself with knowledge and feel confident wherever you go.


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