How To Find Services for Children with Autism

Children with autism may require several different forms of treatment and assistance. They will need training for their communication skills, social skills, and learning skills. There are several programs available for both the child and the parents. Here is a list of steps to find services for children with autism.

Step 1

Talk to a doctor. Talk with your doctor about any organizations or programs that may be available in your area. Doctors can often point you in the right direction to connecting with programs that will benefit your child and their level of needs.

Step 2

Research the Internet. There are several resources available to parents of children with autism. You can visit any of the following Web sites for more information and answers to some questions you may have:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health

Step 3

Contact your local school district. Ask your school district what programs they offer for children with autism. Many school districts have classrooms specifically for children with autism that provide teachers and aides who have been trained and educated on the needs of children diagnosed with autism.


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