How To Find Treatment for Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the sex hormone that is responsible for physiologically making a man a man. This means that testosterone is the hormone that governs the spermatogenesis process or the giving rise to male sex cells. It is also involved in keeping the male physique muscular; hence, the excessive abuse of the hormones among professional athletes and body builders. It is also linked to curing erectile dysfunction and the inability to sustain a strong enough erection for intercourse.

All the problems stated above are the symptoms of low testosterone. While the side effects of testosterone supplements may be a bit benign to say the least, physicians still favor non-pharmacologic ways to address problems rather than going full force with a testosterone supplement. This is the same approach when women have issues with their estrogen levels. Lifestyle changes are still better rather than messing with DHEA and other hormones prematurely.

Here are ways to improve your own body's production of testosterone:

  1. Exercise regularly. Increased physical activity have been proven to trigger the greater release of testosterone since it is needed to build new muscle.
  2. Eat healthier. If you can, limit your intake of meat for just two to four times in a week. Eating green leafy vegetables and a lot of fruits rids your body of toxins that may be interfering with the more efficient synthesis of the sex hormone.
  3. Reduce the stress in your life. Certain relaxation exercises like meditation and other eastern arts like yoga can help reduce your anxiety and stress. This would be great in keeping your internal physiology less erratic.
  4. Change your underwear. If you're wearing snug underwear, try switching to looser garments like boxer shorts. These would allow the testicles to be a bit more free. Wearing boxers might take some getting used to, but if your goal is to enhance your hormone levels, then why not try it?

With all these solutions, your testosterone levels are definitely bound to increase. Whether the hormone level goes up to a level that is acceptable and sufficient enough to have results is a totally different matter altogether, so expect that there could be more interventions needed, which might include medications.

When this happens, doctors usually prescribe testosterone supplements that would either raise your testosterone levels or encourage your body to produce more testosterone. These supplements are carefully measured to ensure that the side effects would be minimized. The patient should never think that taking twice or thrice the amount of the required dose could help him recoup the lost testosterone. Side effects such as prostate cancer and other diseases may result from the improper use and intake of the testosterone medication.

It's a tough problem to deal with, but at least the technology, science and personnel specifically trained to help people with these dilemmas are all available in today's world. All that's left to be done is for patients to make that first consult as a commitment to know if something's wrong with his hormone levels, and to know what to do about it.


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