How To Firm Up Your Buns

Butt exercises are great and effective to tone and tighten those buns and get rid of the extra fat and cellulite. However, this is no easy task. It can be hard and a bit painful at first but as long as you get used to it, things will get easier and your bottoms will become more shapely and prettier. By firming up your buns, you can achieve total hotness in so many levels. You do not need surgical enhancement or chemical laser treatments! Doing it the natural way would perfectly suffice. Read on to learn more about how to firm your bottoms up.

Lunges. Doing any kind of lunge exercise can sculpt and firm your butt into perfection. The best and most common type is the stationary lunges. This is ideal for beginners as well. All you have to do is to get two dumbbells (one for each hand). If you don’t have one at home, you can use bottled water (just make sure it is completely filled with water and is tightly capped!). Stand up straight and hold your dumbbells on both hands. Make sure that your shoulders, arms and elbows are straight as well. Carefully put your one leg forward. Slowly bend both legs. Feel the weight of the dumbbells bring you down. When your back knee is almost touching the ground, carefully come back up and do the same thing on your other leg. Repeat this eight times in two sets.

Squats are just as effective as the lunge exercise. You can also do this with weights or with a bar placed across your shoulders. However, the bar is for advanced methods so make sure you have a fitness instructor with you when you decide to use it. In order for the exercise to fully work, it is crucial that your feet are close together. This will ensure more concentration on your front thigh. As you start moving your feet away from each other, you will then feel your muscles contract on your hip and butt area. It is advisable that you do this in front of the mirror to ensure that your squats are correct.

Steps. This type of exercise is easy and can firm your buns in no time! All you have to do is just climb up the stairs and it will certainly do your butt and leg muscles good. You can also use the Stairmaster at your local gym. When doing this exercise, make sure that you are on tiptoes all the way. Spend thirty minutes a day and you will see instant results in a week.

Aside from looking gorgeous, there are other benefits that you can achieve when you follow these simple and yet very effective steps. It can tone and strengthen your muscles plus, with all the sweating from this procedure, you can release a lot of toxins making healthier and relieving all your stress! The best part is there are no side effects other than muscle pains at the beginning. But as long as you do this consistently, the pain will be gone and it will be replaced with renewed vigor. You do not even need to spend a dime! Try it and you’ll see. Good luck!


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