How To Freshen Up After Your Workout, without Showering

The fast-paced urban life can sometimes leave a person with very little time to get in shape. Most people working in the hectic corporate world try find time within their busy schedule to visit the gym or do some aerobic exercises. For instance, many people use their 30 to 45 minutes of their lunch break to actually break a sweat. The problem is that they do not have a lot of time to get fresh with a shower after the workout. If this is the case with you, then here are some tips on how you can stay fresh after a workout without showering.

  1. Pack a workout kit. Always have a bag filled with things you will need to occasionally freshen up after work out. These things are a clean towel, a change of clothes and underwear, a comb or brush, deodorant, rubbing alcohol, baby powder, and if possible, leave-on spray shampoo. These are all the tools you need to freshen up after a sweat drenching workout without having to take a shower. You may want to have a hairdryer in the bag as well if you really want to ensure that you hair will look great and fresh after the workout. However, most bathrooms in an urban city will probably have an air dryer installed and working and this is a good alternative as well. In any case, make sure you have this bag with you at all times when you plan to find time within the day to break a sweat.
  2. Wipe yourself dry. After the workout, you will probably be full of sweat. Grab your towel and wipe your whole body dry. Make sure to wipe even those hard to reach crevices. Now, even after you wipe your whole body with a towel, chances are your skin will still feel sticky and a bit moist. To remove this feeling, apply generous amounts of alcohol and let it dry on your skin. As the alcohol evaporates, you skin will begin to feel a whole lot drier.
  3. Apply baby powder. Once your skin is nice and dry, sprinkle baby powder all over your body to absorb any moisture still on the skin. The baby powder will absorb future sweat as well since it is perfectly normal for your body to keep generating sweat up to an hour after the workout. Applying the baby powder will make the skin on your body feel fresh and dry.
  4. Apply deodorant to your armpits. After a workout, make sure to pay close attention to your armpits since the sweat in these areas can generate foul body odor. Wipe these areas dry with a towel before applying deodorant.
  5. Freshen up your hair. Your hair is probably drenched with sweat as well so make sure you scrub your head with a dry and clean towel. Leave it on your head to absorb the sweat if possible. When that is done, use a hair dryer or the bathroom's air-dryer to dry your hair. Use a comb or brush to groom your hair. If you have leave-on shampoo, apply it on your hair as well before grooming it.

Remember to change your underwear and clothes after the workout. If you followed these steps precisely, you can go back to your office feeling fresh, clean, and dry seeming like you freshened up with a shower.


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