How To Get a CT Scan to Identify Crohn's Disease

Computerized tomography, or CT scan, is the process of taking data through the use of multiple x-ray images and converting them into pictures displayed on screen. Conventional x-rays cannot reveal soft tissues of the body while a CT scan can do the same procedure with about 100 times clearer.

Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the whole digestive track but commonly affects the lower intestines. Its symptoms are similar to other gastrointestinal disorders so most of the time the disease is not given the right treatment. With CT scan, Crohn’s disease can be diagnosed earlier and given the right treatment. Doctors may give orders for a full body scan of the patient to see the minutest part of his body and especially the part, which is being complained.

  1. To get a CT scan for Crohn’s disease, the patient has to follow a protocol, which is, discussing with his doctor whether a CT scan is necessary.
  2. Let your doctor determine whether you will undergo a non-contract or contrast CT scan. In a contrast CT scan, a dye is injected to the patient to help the scanner show distinctly your abdominal organs. Patients with heart ailment are not advised to be injected by a dye.
  3. Follow your doctor’s advice to abstain from liquids and foods, if required. Crohn’s disease involves examining of the bowel processes so the doctor may advise you to have a fasting for a specific number of hours before the exam takes place.
  4. Treatment of Crohn’s disease with a CT scan is very expensive. Talk to your insurance company, and getting its preauthorization would alleviate the difficulty of paying the expenses incurred in the procedure.
  5. During the procedure, take away all metal objects such as clothes with metal buttons or zippers, jewelries and any metal ornament in the body because they can obstruct the clearness of the images.
  6. Use the hospital gown and follow all instructions from the medical personnel.
  7. Lie down and stay very still on top of the movable table, which will be inserted into the CT machine or MRI machine.
  8. Listen to the instructions of the technician on the intercom. For thirty to ninety minutes you have to remain immobilized in order to take optimal images as intended.
  9. After the procedure, wait for the radiologist to say if all the pictures are taken in order. If pictures are not clear to the radiologist, the patient will have to repeat the procedure.
  10. The doctor will tell you about the result of the CT scan; it will take a day before you know it.

A CT scan is considered the best diagnostic tool for doctors in order to be sure of the disease of a patient. For a patient, the scan is quite expensive aside from it emits radiation which has a negative effect to the body; but for doctors it is the most sophisticated tool that exists today. Insurance providers for most patients pay a portion of the expenses.

To get a CT scan in order to test for Crohn’s disease is as simple as following instructions as indicated above. Most important is the instruction from the doctor to have an accurate diagnosis of your illness. Your suspected Crohn’s disease could be mere severe abdominal illness, which has to be diagnosed by a CT scan.


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