How To Get a Sex Change

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There are different levels of change when it comes to the transgendered. For those who identify with the other gender and want to change their sex, there does not have to be surgery. For this article, the steps help you get a sex change, before you decide whether to go under the knife or not.

  1. Make the decision. The choice to change your sex and gender is a tough one. You might face rejection from all sides - your family, friends, coworkers and lovers. You need to consider how the decision will impact your life then make the choice and move on with it.
  2. Change your exterior persona. An essential part of a sex change is the outward appearance. Change your wardrobe and hair to fit your new gender role. If you are changing to the female sex, then you will need to take the additional steps of hair removal and makeup. Once you have the wardrobe and style change you might need to practice walking, posture and attitude to suit your new gender assignment.
  3. Educate yourself. Learn about the sex change and transgender community by educating yourself. Get in touch with the community, join a support group and learn about gender reassignment. Talking with others who have been where you are will help you make the change and help you decide if you want to take the sex change to the next level and have sex reassignment surgery.
  4. Accept your choice and how it impacts your life. Now that you have made the choice and started to get educated about what it means to the rest of your life, it is time for acceptance. By now you should be experiencing at least some reaction from those closest to you. From this you will hopefully begin to either accept your choice or at least decide how you will help them with the transition.
  5. Integrate the change into your life. For a full sex change you cannot be another gender part of the time. The change will eventually need to become part of your life and be integrated into all facets of life. This means that if you took the earlier steps only in your private life or without your family, this step moves your change into those parts of life you avoided earlier. Prepare your employer for the change and let your family know you will be a new gender at the next holiday.
  6. Live the life. To be sure that the sex change is for you, you should live the life. Spend at minimum six months living a full life with your gender change. For this period of adjusting to your new life, you should avoid making any other major changes including career or family changes to allow your time to process. You should also avoid starting a new love relationship during this period.
  7. Decide if you want to make the change permanent. After making the change and living the life, you can now decide whether you want to have sexual reassignment surgery to make the sex change permanent.

Sex changes are traumatic even without sex reassignment surgery. Follow these steps to begin a sex change.


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