How To Get a Six Pack

Getting that never ending stomach fat to go away is one of the hardest things to do. Millions of people spend hours in the gym, and still struggle to lose those love handles and find that six-pack. While it is not one of the easiest things to do, it is possible. Getting a six-pack is not just about doing sit-ups everyday. It takes hard work and a change in your lifestyle to get that perfect stomach. Doing sit-ups will certainly strengthen you abs, but you will not be able to see much if you still have that layer of fat covering them.

Step 1

Abs 101: Before you plan to get the killer six-pack of abs, you first have to know what you are working out and what parts of your abs create the "six-pack." You actually have ten abdominal muscles--each of which is essential to make your stomach look good. You have your eight core abdominal muscles that run up the center of your stomach, and then you have oblique muscles on either side. The reason it is called a six-pack is because you begin to see your top six core abdominal muscles. The bottom two are extremely difficult to see even in the most fit of people.

Step 2

Abdominal Exercises: Abdominal exercises are essential to not only strengthen your abs, but allow them to show as well. There are many different types of exercises to do, but many of them do not work to optimize your abdominal muscles' full potential. You want to concentrate on exercises that create complete resistance throughout the workout. The typical crunch takes a lot of effort, but produces minimal results. Look for exercises that keep the abs contracted throughout, and work on all abdominal muscles. Try to do these workouts at least three times a week, but be sure not to work them out if you are sore. This can cause injury due to the recovery and weakness of the muscles.

Step 3

Cardio: Now that you have spotted your muscles, and worked on strengthening them, it is time to get rid of that layer of fat so your six-pack can shine through. Do a cardio workout about three times a week so that you can begin burning fat and toning your muscles. Once you begin to see results, you will want to keep going every day.

Having a great set of abs can increase your confidence and make you a little more noticeable next time you take your shirt off at the beach or pool. It also helps you live a healthier lifestyle, and can help prevent future injuries down the road. 

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