How To Get Breast Implants for Free

Woman preparing for breast augmentation

Getting a breast augmentation can easily cost you a fortune. And that's not including the fees for your anesthesia and your clinic. If you total the odds and ends, you should be able to set aside $5,000 for the procedure. Now, if you want your breasts to be handled by someone trusted by celebrities, you should even save more. You should be aiming for at least $12,000. Here are some tips on how you can get your breast implants for free:

  • Create your MyFreeImplants on-line profile. If you have heard of this site, then, you know that it is entirely devoted in helping and letting you get the free breast implants that you wish and deserve. By setting your profile on the site, you invite donors to get in touch with you. Most of the donors are men. They can send contributions to your "fund" in exchange for some social interactions. They may request you to chat on-line with them. By the way, you are expected to post your photos in your profile. Since you are actually competing with a number of other women who also wish to get their breast augmentation job, it may help if your photos are attractive. You want the potential donors to "notice" you once they search the website for possible benefactors.
  • Join a radio promotion deal. There are some radio gimmicks that promise free breast implants to some of their lucky participants. Sometimes, all you need to do is to call a hotline number while the radio show is airing. You may also be asked to name a particular tune to be played on air. One good example is Howard Stern. This famous/infamous DJ has given away breast implants to a number of his lucky lady callers - of course, free of charge. Note, however, that your chances of finding radio boob promotions are a lot greater if you are staying in one of the major metropolitan areas, say Los Angeles or New York. You may consider scouring some local listings or searching on some websites.
  • Become part of a reality TV show. You can easily get your free breast makeover if you sign up for one. But here is the catch - your sponsor is going to make a "reality" show out of the whole process. All you have to do is to get ready and just allow the cameras to roll. This kind of arrangement is usually funded by some local TV shows or some clinics specializing in plastic surgery. Most of the time, the "video footages" are put together to inform the target viewers about how breast implants are actually done. Others utilize them as a training tool for some plastic surgeons.
  • Ask your employer to fund for it. This works perfectly if you are a model or a movie star. If the breast implants are going to make a great difference on how you look, then, your employer may be more than willing to spend for it.

Getting free breast implants may not really be a long shot. All you need to have is a little creativity. At the end of the day, you have the last say whether you want the deal to push through or not. So, weigh your options well.


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