How To Get Free Asthma Medications

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways with symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing and feeling of tightness on the chest area. You can prevent these symptoms by avoiding irritants and allergens. Asthmatic people usually use inhalers as well as other asthma medications. Asthma medication is expensive and usually needs to be taken continuously. This is very challenging to those who are not financially well off. Where to get the money to buy medicines is a big problem to them. There are organizations and programs assisting people with asthma who can’t afford to buy their medicines.

If you have asthma and want to get free asthma medications, follow the steps below:

  • List all the medications that you are taking for your asthma. Check on the manufacturer’s name on the medication. You can look on the container of the medications or on the box to get the manufacturer’s name. To organize your list, you can write the manufacturer’s name and under it are the medications that you are using which the specific manufacturer produces.
  • You need to calculate your monthly income because this is one of the factors considered in getting free asthma medication. You can use your latest pay slip as a proof of your income or ask your employer for a signed letter with information on your monthly income.
  • Go to your doctor and ask for the latest prescription for your asthma medicines. Your doctor needs to fax your latest prescription to the manufacturer.
  • You can also call drug companies to ask for prescription assistance. You can search on the Internet for the specific number you can call for the company’s prescription assistance department. However, if you can’t find a number for the prescription assistance department, you can call the drug company’s main number to ask information about their prescription assistance program. There are a lot of patient assistance program helping asthma patients such as Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), RxAssist, Bridges and AstraZeneca. PPA has been helping people to get their needed medicines especially those who are not insured. RxAssist is a website created by Volunteers in Health Care. The website includes a database of available patient assistance programs and how to get them. The website also contains information on where to get discounted medicines. The AstraZeneca patient assistance program also helps in getting free and discounted medicines. You can visit their website to see if you are eligible for their assistance program.
  • You can also get free Advair coupon for your asthma medicines. Advair is a popular asthma medication. Advair manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline has a program that gives free medicines to asthmatic patients. The program is called Breathe Easier. You need to register to their website to get a free Advair coupon on your first prescription. Your mailing address will be asked when you sign up. You don’t have to worry because you will not be asked for any sensitive information. This is only available for those who are not using Medicare.

If you are having difficulties financing for your asthma medications, try getting free medications for asthma to make sure that you will be safe.


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