How To Get Free Dental Care

Visiting dental clinic
It’s important to have clean teeth because it will affect your confidence that is important especially if you’re studying or working. To have a sweet or confident smile will affect your work or productivity in one way or another. However, dental charges can be expensive especially if you want veneers, braces, or implants. Below are steps and guides to help you find free dental care.

  • Visit your local dental clinic or health department. Call and inquire about future schedules of free dental checkup and dental treatments. If there aren’t free dental check-ups or dental treatments in your area, then try calling nearby towns or cities. Consult phone directories and list down the health centers and dental clinics in your area and nearby places so you can make a call and inquire anytime you need free dental check-up or dental treatment.
  • Communicate with your local health department personnel. Personal inquiries are much preferred than phone call interviews because you can easily ask follow-up questions. Remember that people working in the government are busy people so they can’t communicate with you for a long time through phone. Visit your local health department 15 to 30 minutes before its opening time so you can avoid a long line if there’s any.
  • Visit dental schools. Contact the local or nearby dental schools in your area if they are offering low cost dental care or dental treatment. If you’re an alumni of a dental school, call your alma mater and ask if they are offering free or discounted dental care or dental treatment. You might avail free dental checkup or dental treatment from dental students or senior dentists from your alma mater.  
  • Look for social or religious organizations that are giving free medical and dental check-up and dental treatment. These groups have a mission to help people through medical, dental, and even financial assistance. Groups like Operation Blessing International gives free dental help all around America. Inquire at your local health department or contact a social or religious organization to know their schedules and the current and future assistance that they are offering.
  • Use your dental plan. You will have a particular number of free check-up from a certain dentist if you have a dental plan. Dental insurance programs will also make you avail of discounts and promos. Visit the local health department and dental clinics in your area to inquire.
  • Search for dental assistance online. Manipulate a search engine so you can easily search dental clinics and dental departments in your area. Analyze if you are qualified for a free dental treatment or checkup. The Internet might be the fastest source to get the list of free dental promos around your area.
  • Ask colleagues and friends if they know an organization that is giving free dental care. It is an easy way for you to gather information. There are various social networking sites today where you can easily ask colleagues and friends about any information you desire.
  • Use the dental care plan of your family members or friends. If you persuade a family member or friend, immediately call their insurance agent so you can determine if you are qualified.
  • Inquire at your local social security department. You might have some benefits that you can use so you can have a free or discounted dental treatment or checkup.

Note the given schedules of the health organizations and departments where you inquire so you can check them out the next time you need dental care or treatment. 


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