How To Get Insurance to Pay for Labiaplasty

There are some women who go through plastic surgery because they think their genital area has some problems or abnormalities. One of the procedures done in the genital area is called the Labiaplasty. It is the procedure performed on women whose labia are larger than the usual size or may have uneven labia. This type of plastic surgery will correct these issues women might have with that part of their body. If you are affected with such a condition, you might be wondering if your health insurance will cover this. For most companies, they don't cover this type of procedure. Here are some guidelines on how to get your health insurance to pay for Labiaplasty.

  1. Read through and through the policies written in your insurance. Pay attention on what type of surgeries they do pay for. There is most likely a bigger possibility of your insurance company paying for your Labiaplasty if you can justify that you are doing this to improve your health. For example, going through this procedure might possibly give you a better probability of having kids or some issues caused by the larger size of your labia.
  2. Get your doctor's recommendation and have them note down the reasons for you going through this procedure. Have them send it to the insurance company. The labia is a part of the female genitalia that is known to be less tight as a woman gets older. This could be caused by childbirth, sexual activity, or any activity related to that. The skin that is no longer tight could make sex less pleasurable and make it more painful, or might be a reason for you to have cleanliness problems in that area. This is why it is important to consult with your doctor regarding the necessity of a Labiaplasty.
  3. Get the opinion of your doctor whether he thinks that you stand a good chance with getting your surgery paid by your health insurance or not. Consult if he has performed this type of surgery on anyone who was covered by their insurance company. Getting the opinion of fellow patients planning to go through Labiaplasty is also a good idea. That way, you may find out how their surgery was supported by their insurance companies.
  4. If the insurance company has disapproved to pay for your specific procedure, try to figure out the reason they have done so. If you have a strong feeling that this surgery is not merely for vanity reasons and really to improve your health, make an appeal. Get your doctor to resubmit your request.

Many women believe that going through this procedure will give their self-esteem a boost especially if it is related to their health. If you belong to this group of women who believe so, then go for this procedure. Once you know that you have good reasons to do so, appeal for your right to be covered by insurance. If your insurance company still does not approve of it, try switching to a different company or just save up for this. Plastic surgeons often offer financing schemes that involve paying through installments, that can be light on the pocket.


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