How To Get Muscle Definition in Arms

There are many different reasons why one would want to have toned arms. For most, it is to achieve an improvement in their over-all appearance. On the other hand, there are those who want to increase body mass so they can exude strong masculinity and increase sex appeal. While most people are intent on the aesthetic benefits, you can actually yield more than skin-deep profits from well-toned arms. First of all, the dietary requirements and exercise routines needed to achieve and maintain well-toned arms can produce an improvement in your over-all health.

Toning you arm muscles also gives you the benefit of strength, making your every day task much easier to fulfill, especially if you do a lot of physical activities. Nevertheless, sculpting your arms is not easy. You need to possess a strong drive and steadfast discipline to commit to this task. If you don't, you might as well quit while you're ahead. For those who do, follow the simple steps below to learn how to achieve well-defined arms.

Get into a low-fat, high protein diet.  To bring out your muscles, you need to reduce your body fat. The less fat you have in the area, the more apparent your muscle definition will be. To do this you need to cut the amount of fat you consume in your diet to less than 30%. On the other hand, increase your protein intake to facilitate muscle growth. Stock up on protein bars and shakes as there are packed with the protein you need. Eggs, chicken, fish and meat are other rich sources of protein. However, always make sure that you eat protein sources with low fat. You can opt to eat only low-fat protein sources such as tuna or shrimp or use cooking methods that limit the fat content of your food.

Engage in 30-60 minutes of cardio-vascular training everyday. Doing only weight training will not give you the results that your desire. You need to incorporate cardio-vascular exercises in your routine to reduce over-all body fat and improve endurance.

Do weight training only every other day. Many make the mistake of pushing themselves too hard. Doing weight training everyday is counter-productive as this prevents muscle recovery essential to muscle growth. Remember to always train both you're your biceps and triceps. Exercising only the biceps is an imbalanced program, which makes you more prone to injury. 

Shape your biceps with at least two types of exercises. Doing a variety of exercises for your biceps ensure that you target the entire muscle. The basic exercise for bicep definition is the barbell curl. If you need to use lighter weights, you can also do dumbbell curls, which are equally effective. Other exercises that you can do are pull-ups, hammer curls or pull-downs with a latissimus pull-down equipment. Start by doing two sets with ten to fifteen repetitions per set. Increase the weight and decrease the number of repetition as you progress.

Shape your triceps with at least two types of exercises. Never forget to work-out your triceps since every time you flex your biceps, your triceps are also at work. Increasing the strength of your biceps while ignoring the triceps will cause muscle strain which can lead to more serious injuries. Doing triceps kickback is the most common exercise for a triceps definition program. Other exercises that you can do are triceps-push downs, dips and reverse barbell curls. Similar to bicep exercises, start by doing two sets with ten to fifteen repetitions per set. Use the same amount of weight and number of repetitions you do in your bicep exercises.

Getting muscle definition in your arms requires much discipline from you. You need to keep yourself motivated to achieve and maintain well-toned arms. It is advisable that you aim to improve your over-all health rather than just working for lean arms, firm thighs and a six-pack. Keeping a balanced exercise program and nutritional requirements will allow you to achieve more long-term results in your physical well-being.


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