How To Get Rid of a Bad Headache without Pills

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Everyday life can be stressful, the changing of seasons can bring you a bad headache. You can always reach out for a bunch of pills in your medicine cabinet but sometimes too much can also be detrimental to your health. There are other ways to get rid of a bad headache. See the suggestions below and go pills free.

  1. Get a breath of fresh air. It sometimes get stuffy and stale air can cause you to develop a headache. Open the windows, let the air in and take a few minutes to stop what you are doing.
  2. Put on some relaxing music. You can listen to smooth jazz or chill out music. There are a number of good tracks you can choose from. Try the Café Del Mar series then imagine yourself relaxing at a place you always wanted to visit while listening to it.
  3. A massage can do you good. Hold your temples and massage in a circular motion. This will help in circulating blood to your veins and ease the tension thus relieving you of your headache. If you know a good masseuse then get a full body massage.
  4. You can grab a towel with hot water and put it on your nape. The heat can make you feel relaxed. Alternatively, you can use cold water and apply it onto your face, let it remain for a few seconds then do the same on your neck.
  5. Drink some lemon tea. Tea calms the body and calms the mind. Make it a habit to drink one or two cups a day. You get more health benefits than coffee plus it can make that headache disappear.
  6. Another herb you never thought could relieve headache is rosemary. Use a basin and get a few pounded leaves of rosemary with around five cups of hot water. Let it steam and inhale as much as you can. It’s guaranteed to lessen your headache or make it vanish completely.
  7. Do some stretching or yoga exercises. If the headache is really bad and you feel you cannot exercise try to breath in holding your breath counting one to five and exhale then repeat the process.
  8. Try alternative types of medicine like acupuncture. A lot of people attest to the wonders of this old Chinese approach on medicine. It may come a bit pricey but this is something you should try. The whole procedure looks scary at first glance but once you try it, you will come back for more.
  9. Get some sleep. Most of the time your body just wants you to rest. Sleep in a place where there are no loud noises to bother you  Have a glass of warm milk to make you sleep better. Go get some few hours of shut eye and wake up with a clear head.

Do not be dependent on pills if you can try out other methods first. Sometimes the natural way can help you more than you think.


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