How To Get Rid of a Bladder Infection Quickly

A bladder infection is a serious health problem that can has affected a lot of people’s lives. This type of infection starts at the urethra then if not cured will move up to the bladder. If you are not careful, it could affect your kidneys. Read on to find ways to get rid of bladder infection as early as you could.

  1. You need to take antibiotics. This could take a couple of weeks depending on your infection and the doctor’s orders. A urinalysis could be ordered so as to completely check how much you have been infected. Be diligent when taking your pills because skipping one can cause delay in the organ repair. A follow up urinalysis can also be requested to check on your condition.
  2. Watch what you eat. Studies show that drinking alcoholic beverages and eating spicy food can cause the infection to worsen. Even that much loved coffee you take each morning can be a trigger. Avoid all these during your treatment.
  3. Take cranberry tablets. These tablets provide you the with the nutrients needed to cleanse your bladder of bacteria. You can also take cranberry juice but the tablets are said to work better. As long as you take either one, it could help you to a faster road to recovery.
  4. Drink herbal teas like dandelion, golden rod and hydrangea. Steep in hot water for ten minutes and strain. These teas can hasten the process of cleansing your system to be quickly devoid of bacteria. You can find them at a nearby grocery or specialty shops.
  5. Eat fruits that have cleansing properties like apples and watermelons. Having a balanced diet can heal you quickly if coupled with other treatment plans. So make sure to fill your cart with nutritious food to eliminate that infection.
  6. You can go for alternative medicine, one of which is colloidal silver, this is used to break down bacteria. The taste is not something you can get used to though because it is silver and such a sticky substance. There have been a lot of testimonials however attesting that this has cured recurrent bladder infections.
  7. Another alternative medicine is acupuncture. This involves large thin needles that are inserted into the body with points on different parts like the arms or hands that pertains to a bodily organ.
  8. Lastly, you might require surgery. It is your last resort if all else fails. Try to consult with a couple of doctors before deciding though. It’s best to get a second opinion before you allow yourself to be operated on.

Do everything that you can at the earliest time to avoid further infection. Watch what you eat, follow the doctor’s orders and get enough liquid to have your body hydrated. Getting rid of that bladder infection quickly can be done by following the suggestions above.


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