How To Get Rid of a Kidney Infection Naturally

The kidney has a very important part in making your body work perfectly. It ensures that waste will not flow through the veins in your body, there will be enough production of red blood cells, a normal blood pressure, etc. Now if your kidney gets severely infected all these vital functions will slowly die down and can cause a major breakdown in your system. If you found out that you have a kidney infection, you can try out natural ways to remove it by trying out the list below.

  1. Always remember to drink plenty of water. Water helps flush out the toxins in the body. You cannot function well if the water you take is not enough for the body.
  2. Avoid carbonated drinks. This will make your kidney infection grow worse. Coffee, chocolate drinks are surefire ways to delay treatment. Let go of these addiction for now because curing what you have now is much more important.
  3. Find pure cranberry juice. Be careful with this one. A lot of cranberry juices in the market have added sugars and flavorings. Get the pure one. Sugar can cause more damage to your kidney.
  4. Take apple cider vinegar, around two tablespoons mixed with warm water. This has many proven health benefits because of the antioxidants it contains. Drink this twice a day.
  5. Garlic may not be something you would like to smell each day but it is a powerful tool in lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation or bacteria in your system. You can opt to take garlic pills or if you are brave enough, eat a clove.
  6. Take Vitamin C rich fruits like orange and lemon. The rumor that Vitamin C can cause kidney stones is totally unfounded. Massive amounts can even prevent kidney infection. Make fruits a part of your diet, it will help you recover quickly.
  7. If you are used to going on a drinking binge almost every night then it’s time to mend your ways. An occasional beer or wine can be good but not excessive drinking because it can cause the kidneys to increase urinary output.
  8. Exercise even for fifteen minutes a day. This works the muscles, gives you a better feeling throughout the day and helps in keeping you in good health to take in all the things happening in your body.
  9. Buy some kidney beans and boil them in water. Leave for a few hours then strain. Wait a few hours again for it to be cold. Drink this as you would a tea for two to three times a day. It can remove kidney stones without the need for surgery.

These are some natural ways you can get rid of that kidney infection. It is best to get an act on an infection quickly, do not let your kidney damage go worse. The body can be abused and taken for granted, diseases like this can come and surprise you. Just know how to get back on track and take care of yourself. Learn your lessons well.


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