How To Get Rid of Candida

As much we abhor them, yeast infections are common infections in women. Certain microorganisms that are usually present in our bodies start to multiply uncontrollably, sparked by any number of triggers.  Also known as candida, a yeast infection is a very uncomfortable experience for women. If you are trying to get rid of candida, you can follow these steps below.

Step 1

Try a vaginal cream. Your local drugstore will likely have a large selection of vaginal creams specifically meant to combat candida (or yeast infections). Some women react differently to these creams, so ensure you find a brand that is soothing and not irritating. These creams usually come along with vaginal suppositories that begin fighting candida right away. They have different treatment periods varying from 1 day up to a week. Consider though, that a vaginal cream that helps you to get rid of candida in only 1 day will have a very strong dose of medication in it. For many women, this causes too much physical discomfort as the medication goes to work. The majority opt for a 3 or 5-day treatment period, where lower doses of medication are released daily in order to rid of candida. Again, you will quickly discover which treatment period you are most comfortable with.

Step 2

Wear loose clothing. Tight underwear is restricting and causes a build-up of bacteria in the vagina. This often causes candida because your vagina is unable to breathe. To get rid of candida, you need to make sure that your clothing is not restrictive in any way. Wear loose non-synthetic underwear and flowing pants. These will allow your vagina the best opportunity to breathe and return to its normal bacterial levels.

Step 3

Stay clean and dry. To get rid of candida, you can help out your body by not permitting further fungal growth. Keep your vaginal area clean and dry. A bath will usually soothe the discomfort of candida, while also working to keep you clean.

Step 4

Steer clear of chemicals. To get rid of candida, you should avoid exposing yourself to any harsh dyes, perfumes, soaps or chemicals. Avoid fabric softeners and bleaches on your underwear for now, and try to use a gentle detergent on your undergarments until you are healed. As well, don't insert tampons or douches as these are also foreign substances. These will irritate your vagina and draw out the healing process.

When you are trying to get rid of candida, you need to keep yourself dry and clean. Anything that is a foreign substance is going to irritate your vagina further. So stick to natural, gentle products. It will likely take a week for you to get back to your old self, but if you are struggling to get rid of candida for longer, see your doctor.


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