How To Get Rid of Fear

Fear is an emotion that strikes all human beings in different aspects. There are a lot of types of fear. Actually almost all things and situations are associated with the emotion of fear. Sometimes this emotion can affect our lives immensely. It would really depend on how you carry it or how big your fear is. There are other people who have bigger fears that they need to consult professional help to treat them. Here are some tips on how you can get rid of fear:

  1. First of all, fear cannot be treated unless you confront it. What you should do is to repeat your fear to yourself and condition yourself to face it. Repeating your fear to yourself can be very repetitive and can make yourself lose interest in it eventually. You can even discover that the fear you have minimal consequences to you.
  2. Keep a small journal of your fears. List down all your basic fears and add any more fear everyday for a week. Even the smallest fear you have matters. Close the journal and keep it somewhere distant for the next week. Go on with your usual daily activities for a week. After the week ends, take out your fear journal and read the list you made the week before. Cross out the fears that you have not experienced in the week. You will find out that the fears you listed have actually never happened or have not come true. With that in mind, you will eventually condition your mind that your fears have lesser effect than you have ever imagined.
  3. Your attitude plays an important role in conquering your fears. If you are the type of person who is negative and sees faults in everything and everyone, you are susceptible to a lot of fears. What you can do is to change your disposition in your view of things. A positive outlook will make your own doubts and fears disappear. This will be the type of attitude that would say, “Do not worry, it will be better tomorrow.”
  4. One of the things that gives out a negative perspective and summons fear is assuming things. You should give up the attitude of thinking about your future getting messed up or presuming that something negative will happen to your life. Tell yourself that those assumptions are foolish. Thinking that something bad will happen will only build up the fears you have inside your head. You can think about what can happen but just prepare yourself for the situation other than entertaining thoughts that something bad is going to happen.
  5. Your confidence is what will pull you through your fears. Be confident enough to admit your fears and face them daringly. It will regain your self-confidence. Once you have faced your fears, it will be the start of a process to get rid of your fears.

Always remember to be strong and keep your mind conditioned as you confront your fears. Your fears should not be in the way of your daily activities or it should be become your way of life.


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