How To Get Rid of High Back Pain

As you get older, you have higher risk of experiencing bodily problems like high back pain. For some, high back pain is only a simple usual condition. But if you are already experiencing this regularly, you will never think it is as simple as that. Worse, any pain involving the back can lead to a serious injury. Remember, the back is one of the most delicate parts of the body. One false move on this area and your entire body might be affected. That is why before you even think of doing a way to get rid of high back pain, consulting the doctor is always important.

Although delicate, pain in the back is very treatable. There are many things you can safely do to treat your condition. But then again, it’s best to consult a professional before doing anything. Below are the things you can try with an okay from your doctor:

  • Regular exercise. Doctors will always recommend, along with some medication, doing regular exercise focusing on strengthening the higher back. Stretching and other kinds of physical exercises may be painful at first. But as your body gets to its normal self, you will feel reduction of pain already. Doing special yoga exercises and meditation are among the safest you can regularly try. Stretching your back habitually will also prevent further pain in the back.
  • Pain killers. If you are experiencing high back pain almost regularly, it’s best that you keep a pain killer handy. A thin layer of pain killer can already solve your problem. This is generally safe also. You can try different pain killer products out there and see which one best suits to your high back pain. Other than the topical pain killer, there are also pain killers in tablet and pill forms. These target the joints causing your pain. It’s okay to take an oral medication for as long as you have consulted a professional first.
  • Hot/cold compress. Applying hot or cold compress on the affected area can sometimes alleviate back pain. This technique will always come in handy in case your other better options are not available.
  • Massage. Sometimes, high back pain is caused by tangled joints or improper muscle location. A good and proper massage will already get rid of this kind of back pain. It’s best you hire a professional physical therapist or a chiropractor to do this for you. You don’t want to suffer further problems just because you want to try a DIY massage.
  • Breathing exercise. Proper breathing can heal the body. Babies are said to have the perfect breathing. As we age, we become used to doing the improper breathing. That is why we suffer from different illnesses. You can make yourself get used to the babies’ way of breathing again. Inhale until the air reaches your tummy. You know you’re doing the right thing if your tummy is moving like of the babies’ tummies. Exhale slowly, without forcing the air out. This breathing exercise will promote more supply of oxygen and lesser supply of carbon dioxide in the body.

Despite the many things you can do to get rid of high back pain, still, the best remedy is prevention. Usually, people suffer from back pain because of incorrect posture. Start practicing correct posture to prevent future back pains. You’ll not only look good with that, you will also have a healthier body.


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