Get Rid of Kidney Stones Painlessly: Dissolve Kidney Stones

Eat the Right Kidney Stone Diet and Try These Other Treatments

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Kidney stones can cause severe pain and should never be ignored. These hard deposits can be extremely hazardous to your health. They can be caused by build-up of calcium, uric acid or other composites that develop when your kidneys process waste from your body, in the form of urine. When in doubt about the nature or cause of any pain, you should always consult a medical specialist.

There are ways in which you can learn how to get rid of kidney stones painlessly. Follow these instructions and you will eventually get rid of the pain and the stone, but it may take a bit of time. If you don't want to wait, there are other natural kidney stone treatment methods to remove kidney stones fast; I recommend Joe Barton's Kidney Stone Remedy, which is all-natural and should dissolve kidney stones within 24 hours. Let's discuss the painless methods of kidney stone removal. Here's how to get rid of kidney stones. 

  1. Adjust your diet. There is a diet that can prevent the stones from getting worse. Dietary changes will reduce the number and size of kidney stones that develop in your urinary system. Reduce your salt intake, then increase your daily fiber and water intake so that waste will flow through your kidneys more efficiently instead of building up to create stones.
  2. Exercise regularly. Exercise keeps your body functioning. When you are inactive, the body waste removal process slows down, which may allow calcium and uric acid to clog up in your kidneys. When these chemicals are overproduced in your body, the kidneys cannot process them away and the build-up creates kidney stones.
  3. Dissolve the stone. You can try to dissolve kidney stones. There are several natural remedies for dissolving kidney stones. Some involve drinking cranberry juice, ingesting spinach or other green vegetables or supplements that contain natural chemicals that dissolve the calcium and acid that have deposited in your system. You may need to try several methods to find the one that works best with your body chemistry to dissolve the stone into smaller sand- or gravel-sized pieces that can be passed without pain.
  4. Consult your urologist. If the stone cannot be dissolved naturally, it is time to see your doctor about other kidney stone treatment options. Several kidney stone removal options and treatments are available, including sonic wave therapies that dissolve the stone into passable pieces or surgery that can be painful and costly. Visit the physician if you have frequent kidney stones, severe pain or the natural remedies were not successful.

Kidney stones can cause pain that doubles you over in minutes and makes it impossible for you to move without sharp, jarring pain to your lower back and abdomen. Don’t ignore a small twinge or small stone because they will only continue to grow and get worse. The larger the stone, the more painful it will be. Avoid the pain by following these steps and seeking a natural remedy that works for your body. And remember to regularly consult a physician as part of your overall health plan.


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