How To Get Rid of Man Boobs

Are you embarrassed that the weight you’ve put on isn’t just in your gut, but in your chest? For many men, there is nothing more embarrassing than man boobs. These tips can help you eventually get rid of those man boobs. If you want to get rid of them fast, I suggest an easy program called ChestCoach.

  1. Give up the beer and other high calorie foods. Man boobs tend to strike when you’ve had a sudden weight gain. It may seem that you are suddenly carrying a lot of fat in one area but if you look around, that fat is all over your body. Consider these boobs as a sign that it is time to get healthy. Start with a diet lower in calories and fat.
  2. Get moving. Diet alone will not take care of the fat gathering in your chest (or any other area). You will also need to add exercise to your daily routine. Were you active in high school? Has work and family slowed your ability to get out and move? It is common for adult men to gain weight throughout their twenties and thirties due to a slowdown in activity accompanied by no adjustment in eating habits. Start moving at least thirty minutes a day. Raise your heart rate with some type of cardiovascular activity such as walking, running, swimming or bicycling.
  3. Build strength with weight training. When you lose weight and fat through burning more calories with cardio, you may become frustrated by the continued flabbiness of your chest. Even if you lose the fat lurking in your chest, you may still have loose skin and visible boobs. You also need to tone your body. There is no such thing as spot toning when firming up. You should get toned all over by adding regular weight resistance and strength training to your exercise routine. Work your entire body but be sure to include the following exercises specifically to improve your upper body: chest fly, chest press, bicep curl, tricep extensions and shoulder exercises.
  4. Add intervals to your training routine. Once you’ve built up your cardio ability, you want to add challenge by using interval training. Instead of just running at one pace throughout the workout, break it up by running at a moderate pace for five minutes then a fast pace for three minutes. This eight-minute pair is an interval. Structure your training to include five to six cardio intervals with a warm-up and cool-down.
  5. Don’t fall for gimmicks or hormone pills. A quick search online will net you hundreds of websites promising to get rid of your man boobs if only you will purchase their pills or shots. Many of these options are an attempt to adjust your testosterone levels or may contain steroids. Consider the risks.
  6. Consult a doctor if diet and exercise don’t do the trick. When exercise and diet are not enough, it is possible that you may have a medical condition that is contributing to your man boobs. Speak with your doctor to determine possible causes and treatments.

Man boobs may be embarrassing, but they can also sometimes indicate a health concern. Carrying around extra weight in your chest and stomach are risk factors for heart attacks and other conditions. Make getting healthy as much a priority as getting rid of your man boobs.


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