How To Get Rid of Poison Ivy Rash

I had a posion ivy rash covering 85 percent of my legs. I tried everything and it seemed to just be getting worse, until one miraculous product I just love -- it is worth the money.

Step 1

Identify the rash. Mine looked like I had been lacerated with a whip. I also revealed smaller lesions similar to bug bites. Everyone reacts differently. Some people get huge blisters.

Step 2

Buy Zanfel at Wal-Mart or the generic brand at Walgreens. As per their directions, scrub over affected area until it quits itching and repeat when itching recurs. The generic brand is called Poison Ivy Wash.

Step 3

Take oatmeal baths in the meantime. I found this helpful, along with staying away from anything that may irritate me emotionally and physically. That means my husband mowed the grass and my teenager watched her mouth.

Step 4

Believe it will work. At first I thought the poison ivy rash would never go away. It did, however, start to dry up. I still had mild itching, so I applied a lotion from Walgreens that had Camphor and Menthol in it to assist the drying process.

Posion ivy rash is debilitating and frustrating. Calamine lotion is not very effective. Zanfel, or the generic Poison Ivy Wash, was the best product for me. It was expensive and my rash was extensive. I went through 5 tubes before it started to go away, but I was ready to go in debt if necessary -- the itch was so aggravating.

No, I did not get the poison ivy from climbing trees.

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