How To Get Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment is a surgery that may allow a person to become on the outside the person they know they are on the inside. The stress and confusion of being a transgendered person may be alleviated by a sex reassignment surgery. If you have interest in getting the surgery consult these tips.

  1. Begin with counseling. Before you begin a journey as stressful and traumatic and sex reassignment surgery you might consider counseling. Speak with an experience therapist who specializes in transgender concerns. This type of surgery will change your entire life and the consequences may be more that you expect. So speak with someone to be sure you are ready mentally and emotionally to face the surgery.
  2. Get a check up. Sex reassignment is major surgery and cannot be undertaken unless you are at optimum health. If you haven't already this is the time for a full physical and check for any immune limiting diseases including HIV, hepatitis, diabetes and any other health concerns.
  3. Locate a clinic. Most sex reassignment surgeries are performed in small private clinics. These are often located outside of the United States in small European or Southeast Asian communities. Spend some time researching the history and performance of the clinic you consider. There are clinics with less experienced surgeons or less than stellar post-operative conditions that may endanger your health. You want to avoid these.
  4. Consult a specialized surgeon. Once you have chosen the clinic and are certain that you are ready mentally, emotionally and physically to experience the sex change, it is time to speak with a doctor.
  5. Have the surgery. The procedure may take several hours depending upon what is necessary. It also may take more than one surgery so before you actually go under the knife; make sure your physician provides you with a clear, detailed plan for your sex reassignment including the process and recovery requirements.
  6. Prepare for the time off. You will need time to recover from the surgery, time when you can recover physically and mentally. This time will also be when you learn to live as your new self so if possible gather the people who love you around to help you recover.

Sex reassignment surgery is dramatic and can involve several procedures to transform the genitals from one sex to the other. Consider following these steps to get sex reassignment surgery.


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