How To Get Super Glue Off Your Skin


Super glue is very helpful in many projects and is commonly used for construction and repair purposes. It is very important that one practice extreme caution when handling this material, as super glue doesn’t just glue woodwork or other materials together; it can just as effectively glue together your skin to a surface as well! If this happened to you, know how to get super glue off your skin effectively: 

Don’t try to force your skin from the glue. This most likely won’t work, and it could rip and tear your skin, besides.

Have somebody prepare the materials for you. The best materials to use to dissolve superglue are the following: water, soap and acetone-based polish remover (or just simply acetone).

Use the best solution first. To get super glue off your skin, it’s important that you act very, very fast before the glue settles in. You should try the best recommended solution: the acetone-based polish remover, or if you have acetone at hand, you could use that too.

Simply apply acetone to the affected area. You could pour it undiluted, or use cotton buds to apply it. Acetone is effective in breaking down cyanoacrylate, which is a component of the super glue. After some minutes of gingerly rubbing the acetone onto the affected area, the glue should come off .

As much as possible, try to use the acetone sparingly, as it could possibly damage the material that you are glued onto.

You should also remember this: do not use acetone near your eyes, nose, lips, or near broken, wounded skin or highly sensitive skin.

Know of alternatives. If the super glue gets onto sensitive areas such as your eyes, nose, lips or near wounded or highly sensitive skin, you could use warm water and soap or margarine in place of the acetone.

Simply rinse the affected area with warm water and soap, and gently rub until it comes off. Margarine could also be applied to the affected area in place of the water and soap.

If you placed the glue on your eyelids, do not attempt to close your eyes. Understandably, this could be your reflex action, but try your best to act against this instinct. Keep your eyes open, and then rinse it with water for 15 minutes. Get somebody to seek medical attention for you right away.

If you glued yourself to a particular surface, you may need to work with the surface as well. For example, if you got stuck on a regular surface and you were able to get yourself unstuck, you should also make sue that you try to remove the residue on the surface. If the glue is on regular surfaces such as a countertop, a table, or a floor, you would need to use acetone on it again, and then use physical and mechanical means to pry the glue off: you could brush it, scrape it, or sand it away. If you accidentally place some super glue on glass, just soak it in water until you can gently pry them apart.

There you have it! These are the steps for you to take if you need to remove super glue off your skin. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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