How To Get the Best Deals on Used Weight Equipment

Fitness experts and doctors recommend that weight training be done in conjunction with cardiovascular training, to ensure a well-rounded health and strength routine. Weight training helps to tone and develop muscles and to increase endurance and stamina.

Weight training can actually be done with minimal strength equipment – namely, with dumbbells and barbells. However, strength equipment and specialized machines are recommended if you want to target specific areas and muscle groups; plus, weight machines are generally regarded to be safer to use. Usually the main concern there would be their price, which would typically range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars for brand new models.

Be encouraged, however, that there are so many easy and simple ways to get the best deals on weight equipment. Of course, one of these ways would be to purchase them used. Know the phenomenon of exercise machines being hardly used, or even not at all (hopefully this wouldn’t apply to you!)? Take advantage of this and buy previously owned equipment that is still in prime condition!

You could start your search online. It’s hardly expected that you’d find used equipment from the major strength equipment manufacturers, so you can skip that (though if you have time, then maybe it’s worth looking at their clearance sale pages, and you may find new items there right within your budget). One way you can start would be by looking at used equipment put up for sale by major fitness gyms. Try out Gold’s Gym, which offers used equipment such as bench equipment and cardio equipment.

Try out the dedicated websites that would enable you to do comparison shopping between different used or greatly discounted strength equipment brands and models. Some of these websites include, and which lets you narrow down your search according to brand and according to category. Another advantage to these kinds of sites is that you’d get to read helpful users’ reviews on the different types of equipment and their effectiveness and benefits.

Of course, make sure that you check out trading websites such as, and A tip here is to check the seller’s ratings to gain an idea about his reliability. Also, it’s a good idea to meet with the seller and check on the equipment before you close any deal.

Apart from searching online, try going to local fitness clubs and gyms and inquire if they have plans to sell their current weight equipment. If they don’t at the moment, leave your contact number just in case they do decide to put up some equipment up for sale. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Just another tip: do some initial research about the type of strength training equipment that you would use based on your needs. Remember, nothing would be more of a waste than an item you buy (no matter how cheap) and never use. So a technique here would be to sign up for free trials at gyms, try out their equipment (go ahead, try out their stepper equipment or their abdominal equipment) and then go ahead and look for similar items for your own home. Also, read about different weight equipment and what they target, to see just what you’d need. Never just rely on commercials to tell you which exercise equipment is the best.

Hope this article helps you look for the best deals used on weight equipment! Good luck!


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