How To Get Wider Shoulders

Are you alone on a Saturday night? You can always try to go out and find some female companionship that way, but who would want to risk the feeling of rejection. You don't know what is wrong. You're a good guy... You don't look that bad and you're no blimp either. What seems to be wrong? You meet someone in a bar and you strike up a conversation. Everything goes well in until someone comes along and swipes her away from you. You try and get her back but this guy has her mesmerized. What is his secret? You think to yourself, "what does he have that I don't?"

Well, have you tried looking at his shoulders? I know it sounds kind of un-masculine but bear with me for a sec. The reason women prefer men with wider shoulders can be traced back to caveman, or in this case cave-woman days.

Back then, women picked potential mates based on the ability to provide food and shelter. Wide shoulders meant strength and survival.

Of course this is no longer true. The best providers nowadays are the geeks working in Silicon Valley, whose idea of roughing it is working with a generic keyboard. Unfortunately, the members of the opposite sex don't see it that way. Women have been programmed from years and years of studs bringing home the bacon. Luckily, you can be one of these studs in these simple tips to help you get wider shoulders.

  1. Exercise!!! This is obviously the way to go, but it is one of the hardest things to do. Not just any form of exercise would work. As important as it is to have enough exercise, it is more important to exercise the right way. If you exercise the wrong way, you could build muscle in all the wrong places making your shoulder look even narrower.

    If you plan to lift weights choose routines that have your chest spread wide open.  Try a wide pushup. This is a little more difficult than a normal push up but it is all worth it. Do cardio as well. When you lose weight and slim down this will create the illusion of wider shoulders. The wider your gut looks, the narrower you shoulders become. You can also try some dumbbell exercises like the single arm diagonal raise, three part lateral raise, front raise, and seated military press. Pay attention to your form and keep your chest spread out.

  2. Use a hanger. This may look funny at first but trust me it works. Put a clothes hanger in your shirt while you wear it. Make sure the hanger touches your back at all times. This will improve your posture and in time you will have wider shoulders.
  3. Tuck in your shirt. This simple step help create the illusion of wider shoulders. Remember that a slimmer waist makes your shoulder seem wider and wider shoulders make your waist seem slimmer.
  4. Be active. Try fun and engaging activities that provide a full range of motion for your shoulders. A good example is swimming. If you enjoy swimming then try a lap or two. Increase your level of difficulty and in no time you'll have the wide shoulders you always wanted.

If all else fails, go through your mom's old 80s outfit and look for those classic shoulder pads. Of course that won't really help getting girls (trust me, guys) but at least you'd look nostalgic.  Give those tips a try and stick to it. You will have those shoulders that you have always wanted in no time.


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First time I've heard of the hanger...I need to improve my posture badly so I'll try this....thanks

By Mary Norton