How To Give a Hot Rock Massage

There are many ways to reach deep relaxation. Hot rock massages are possibly one of the most effective. This massage uses heated stones or rocks. This is not similar to a sauna bath that uses steam coming from heated rocks.

Hot Rock massages involve a process that concentrates on the lymph nodes and drains the excess fluid in one's body. It also penetrates the whole body, especially the muscles.

For this endeavor, you will need flat rocks in different sizes, a pot, massage oil, slotted ladle, thick towel and water. You will need to observe the following procedures to achieve the benefits of giving a hot rock massage.   

  • Heat a pot filled with water with the rocks in it. Once the temperature reaches one hundred and forty degrees, turn off the stove and remove the rocks from the pot using a slotted ladle. The temperature of the rock should fall to at least one twenty degrees once you remove them from the water.
  • Place the rocks in a thick towel to dry. Have your subject lay face down on a flat surface, leaving the back and the lower part exposed for the massage.
  • Perform an oil massage. Apply the oil massage as evenly as possible making it not too thick and heavy
  • Let the rocks cool down. By this time, the rocks would have cool down a little. Feel the rocks making sure that they will not hurt or burn the skin.
  • Position the stones on the subject's body. Place the larger stones on the weight bearing and larger part of the body, such as the hips and shoulder and smaller stones along the back. Make sure that the stones stay in place for a good 20 minutes or until they lose their warmth.
  • Massage the important body parts. Begin to massage the upper limbs, make the limbs loosen up while the heavier stones make the back shoulder relax.
  • Remove the stones and continue massaging. Remove the stones from the base of the neck; you can start massaging the back of the head as well. Move down to the legs and to the lower extremities; apply the massage oil to the legs. After this point you can remove the bigger stones from the back of the subject, as you take the stones off you will notice that there red spot on the part apply massage oil and thoroughly massage gently on the back.
  • Finish the massage. On the last stage of the massage, run your strokes (massage) up and down the back, sometimes going to the neck end the massage on the head.

Getting a hot rock massage is indeed a treat for the senses. It is a good way to relax and calm your nerves without having to spend too much money. If you opt to turn hot rock massage into an expertise, you should study the method further. Try reading up on its history and other related practices. Research and apply it on people whom you can enlist to volunteer as your subject. Practice still makes perfect. With this kind of effort, you could become a full-blown expert on the field of massage, and if chance permits, you could even turn it into a lucrative business.


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