How To Give a Swedish Hand Massage

You've heard of a Swedish massage, but have you ever experienced a Swedish hand massage? Once you are treated to one of these pleasurable treatments, you'll always be begging for another one. Swedish hand massages help to relieve tension in the hands, and help to relax the client. Who wouldn't love that? Just about anyone can give one of these relaxing hand massages by following this guide on how to give a Swedish hand massage.

Step 1

Position your client correctly. In order to properly give your client a Swedish hand massage, she needs to be sitting properly. Ask her to find a comfortable chair and rest her entire arm on the table. Tell her to relax her arm completely. You may want to put a pillow under her arm. This should be a comfortable position for her.

Step 2

Begin the massage. With your client in a comfortable position, you can now begin the Swedish hand massage. Hold your client's left palm, facing upwards, grasping her wrist with your right hand. For now, her other hand can rest wherever it is most comfortable for her. Now, with your left hand, hold the client's same hand, finger through finger (intertwined). Then switch hands, and repeat the process, working with both of your hands on one of her hands each time. Hold her right hand, palm facing upward, and intertwine your fingers with hers using your left hand.

Step 3

Apply a bit more pressure. One of the most enjoyable parts of a Swedish hand massage is when the actual massaging techniques begin. To do this, take your fingers and apply pressure to the top of your client's hand (whose palm should be facing downward now). This motion should open up her palm. You should now have a good grip on your client's hand while you're holding it open and stretching it flat with your fingers. Move your fingers around the top of her hand, trying to massage every area. Be gentle though - too much pressure can be painful for your client.

Step 4

Start to work the hand with your thumbs. With the client's hand held open with your fingers, use your thumbs to start working the palm of your client. Rub the open palm, working in an up and down motion. Try to massage the tendons of the hand. Make round or circular motions along the bottom of the hand (the heel). This is the famous Swedish hand massaging technique. Continue to rub your client's hand in this way, focusing on the thicker (or ‘meatier') portions of your client's hands, including the sides, bottom and upper portion of the palm. Your client should find this entire experience quite relaxing and pleasurable, but make sure to ask if she is still comfortable anyway.

Continue these same Swedish massage techniques with your client's other hand. Use your thumbs to massage the tendons in her hand, and then make circular motions all around the thicker part of her palm. Make sure that she has fully relaxed her hand, as this is how she will experience the most enjoyment out of a Swedish hand massage.


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