How To Handle Toothache

Sometimes a toothache can be the most horrible kind of pain (approaching the pain of childbirth). Immediate dental care should be sought to relieve this kind of pain.  But until you can get to the dentist, here are some methods to handle toothache.

If you are pregnant and cannot take antibiotics and pain killers for a possible infection (which could possibly be the cause of the pain), ease the pain, by brushing your teeth very lightly with a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. At the same time, massage lightly the painful area. An ice pack placed on the area where the most pain is felt also helps relieve the pain.

To handle toothache at night when you cannot sleep because of the pain, try to turn your lights low, keep the atmosphere quiet and meditate. When you meditate you do not think of the toothache but your peace of mind. You forget your pain and eventually you will be able to sleep.

When at home, there are other common cures for toothaches. A clove of garlic chewed with a little rock salt near the aching tooth helps in lessening the pain of a toothache. Chew it while the pain is still felt. A piece of sliced onion placed on the affected gum can relieve the pain as well. Another common cure is by applying clove oil on the decayed tooth. Clove oil can be readily bought at the market.

Pepper powder is another common home remedy for toothache. It is mixed with a one-fourth spoon of clove oil and applied to the decayed tooth. Pepper powder can also be mixed with rock salt to alleviate tooth decay. It also stops gum bleeding and treats foul breath.

Dealing with the pain at work is also another painless task. It is helpful if work mates are informed about your problem. They could help in keeping the noise at a minimum. The pain is felt more felt if the jaws are tight, so the jaw muscles must be relaxed.

Another temporary relief that can be used is a medicine called Kanka which is used to treat cold sores around the mouth. Kanka has a numbing effect when applied on painful gums. The liquid dries up over the affected gums and relieves the pain like a miracle. It has been confirmed by dentists that it can be used on the gums but not to be swallowed.

Handling toothache in different situations is easy if one has the patience to try temporary relief before seeing a dentist. Trying the old folk remedies while waiting for a doctor's prescription is a good way of getting first aid. Whether you are at home, at work or anywhere at anytime, there are quick medications for toothache. Even pregnant women have a way to relieve toothaches.


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