How To Hang a Heavy Bag from the Ceiling

Boxing is also called the sweet science and provides you with a lot of health benefits. You can go to the gym and practice on a daily basis. However, you can still find yourself needing more practice. You can do it at home by putting up your own heavy bag to perform your combinations and your power shots.

  • Choose a heavy bag. There are a lot of different brands of bags to choose from. The most famous of these is Everlast. You are going to be shelling out more for this brand, but it will assure you of a good quality bag and will last you longer than other brands. You can also use a Muay Thai bag that can be abused more since it is made for more than just the impact of punches. These bags are also elbowed, kneed and kicked so it can stand more beating and will last a long time. A good Muay Thai or kick boxing brand is Fairtex. They have really durable heavy bags.
  • Determine where you want to hang your heavy bag. You have to place the bag in a large space where you can freely go around it and do your footwork. Part of practicing a combat sport is improving your movement. Make sure you don’t hang it near the walls and corners. You need plenty of space as your bag may swing on all directions, depending where the strikes are coming from. Also consider the height of your ceiling, you don’t want your bag to bottom out. Have at least a foot of clearing between your bag and the floor.
  • Secure an eyebolt and an s-hook from a hardware store. Ensure that both things are able to handle the stress of the weight of your bag. Get an eyebolt with a large enough ring that you can place the s-hook in.
  • Find the ceiling stud where you can drill and attach the eye bolt. You can also use the ceiling beam. You don’t want to screw it on a hollow surface as this is sure to cause disaster. You can knock on the ceiling until you find the stud or use a stud finder to make it easier. Drill a hole with your power drill making sure the hole is smaller than the threads of your eyebolt. Manually secure the eyebolt on the ceiling using your hands until it’s in place.
  • Place the chains found on top of your heavy bag on one end of the s-hook. You may need someone to help you carry the bag. Place the other end of the s-hook in to the eyebolt ring. Your companion may carry the lower part of the bag while climb a ladder and shoot the hook to the ring of the eyebolt. Take necessary precautions when going up the ladder. The bag will be heavy and may knock you off-balance. This is especially dangerous when you are high up the ladder.

You are now ready to sharpen your skills. Aside from improving your cardio, it also provides you with self confidence, knowing that you can handle yourself in and out of the ring.


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