How To Have Lower Ab Workouts

If flat lower abs are your dream, you need to tone the muscles and lose fat. Assuming you are trimming your waistline through diet and exercise, there are some things you can do to further tone and flatten the lower abs. The steps in this article will get you started on the track toward firm, muscular abs, but if you'r really serious, you need a serious program beyond what an article can provide. For that, I strongly recommend Your 6 Pack Quest.

  1. Start on your back with your legs extended. The natural curve of your lower back may be tense or cause your stomach to arch up. Practice tilting your pelvis so that your lower back is flat on the floor.
  2. Warm up with breathing exercises. While on your back, inhale and hold the breath for a count of five. As you inhale, your abs and chest should rise as air is brought into the lungs. Exhale slowly and tighten your abs. Repeat this breathing technique for ten breaths.
  3. Using your abdominal muscles, pull your legs in toward your center to do a lower crunch. Still on your back focus your mind on pulling your legs in without using your legs muscles or momentum. These will be tough when you first start but they will get easier. Exhale your breath as you pull the muscles in and keep your lower back flattened to the floor.
  4. Complete one set of 15 reps of lower crunches. Don’t work the muscles to failure. You should feel the tension but not pain so if you are new to these exercises, gradually build up to the first set.
  5. For the next exercise, you will practice controlled lowering of the legs. Start this exercise on your back with your legs raised straight into the air. Your body should form a ninety-degree angle. To the count of five, slowly lower your legs toward the ground. Keep your legs straight and don’t rest them to the ground at the bottom. Complete the move by returning your legs to the start position on a count of three. Repeat this exercise for 12 repetitions.
  6. Use the plank on a stability ball for the final exercise. Make sure the ball is inflated fully then so you are facing downward. Rest your elbows and forearms on the ball. Extend your legs out so that your body creates a straight line similar to a push-up stance. Hold the position for thirty seconds. Make sure you breathe and tighten your lower abs throughout this position.
  7. Repeat all three exercises for a second and third set. Beginners will be able to work up to a full set and then add the second and third. Remember, it takes patience to tone these muscles.
  8. Cool down with standing breathing and stretching. Stand up straight with your feel shoulder width apart. Tilt your pelvis so that your body is aligned then raise your arms above your head as you inhale. Stretch your fingers toward the ceiling and hold the breath for the count of three. Then slowly lower your arms as you exhale and relax. Repeat four times.

By adding these lower ab toners to your workout, you can flatten and tone your trouble area. Remember that you cannot tone your lower abs without burning off the fat with diet and exercise, and you cannot spot tone just one area. This workout should be tone in addition to a full ab routine that works your upper and oblique abs as well.


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