How To Heal a Blister

Did you ever experience the pain and discomfort of having blisters on your hands, feet or other body parts? Did you ever want to just make them go away fast and without having to wait much to let them heal on their own? If your answer is yes, then you may want to learn how to heal a blister. Just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Wash up. Ever got blisters from clamshell packaging, plastic clamshell, retail packaging, contract packaging, pharmaceutical packaging? Wash the affected entire area using warm water and soap.
  2. Prick the blister using a sterilized pin. Sterilize the pin using alcohol. You can use boiling water in addition to or as an alternative to alcohol. Prick the blister’s outer edges in a few spots, then press down a clean piece of cloth or tissue on the blister gently. This will let you drain the blister.
  3. Soak in Epsom salts. Soak the affected area in a mixture of 1 cup of Epsom Salts in 1 gallon of warm water for 15-30 minutes. Dry the area and repeat step if the blister still has fluid in it.
  4. What if you have several large blisters? You may have to pick the skin more deeply, and drain it again. Afterwards, disinfect the area using alcohol for fifteen minutes, but without removing or peeling the skin. Peeling off the skin could lead to infections. Follow step three, namely soak the area in the Epsom salt mixture, but this time, doing it three times a day for the first day or so.
  5. Cover the blistered area. The bandage should be loose. Avoid  walking on the blistered part of your foot or feet or using your the hand where the blister is. Friction caused by such use will make the blister worse. There should be no or little swelling and a scab (dead skin of the blister or wound) would start to form on the second day or so. Resist the urge to peel the scab off prematurely as this will lead to a wound or even scarring. Slough or scrub it off after a few weeks.
  6. Trim loose skin or scab off. If tearing has begun on the surrounding skin of the blister, keep this area clean by trimming off the loose skin or scab. Use small sterilized scissors to do this task and remember to cut off only the torn portions of the skin or scab. You may opt to soak the blistered part again in Epsom salts or apply an antibacterial cream on it. Remember to cover the area with a loose bandage.
  7. Use rub on lotion to prevent blister-causing friction. If you get blisters from the friction of rubbing the skin of your foot against your shoes or socks use a rub-on lotion to minimize friction. You may also want to change socks or get a better fitting pair of shoes, especially when you do activities that put a lot of friction on your feet, such as running, exercising or dancing.
  8. Go to a doctor or dermatologists. For persisting blisters, don’t self medicate. They could be more serious. It is always best to see your doctor or dermatologist about recurring or severe blisters.

And there you have it! A few simple tricks on how to heal a blister as well as to prevent one from forming.


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