How To Heal a Fat Lip

A fat lip is a sign that your lip has been damaged. It may be caused by a hit in the lip, a punch to the face, piercing your lip, a bug bite, or other issues. This symptom can be minimized, though the only thing that will make it go away completely is time. Here's how to heal a fat lip:

  1. Examine the situation. Look at the inside and outside of your mouth, checking for any cuts or bruises. Especially if your lip is swollen due to a hit or punch to the face, look for any damage to your teeth. If there are any large cuts or signs of serious damage, go to a doctor. Also see a doctor if your lip swells for no apparent reason. Other than that, your fat lip should heal on its own.
  2. Apply ice. Wrap an ice cube inside paper towels or a washcloth, and hold it against your lip. The cold ice will help relieve swelling, and can also help to numb the pain. Press it against both the inside and outside of your lip. Ice your lip for ten minutes at a time, a few times per day. Do not apply ice for more time than this, as it can actually irritate your lip more.
  3. Use a medicated lip balm. Medicated lip balms, like Carmex or Blistex, can help your lip feel better. If there are any cuts, they can also help the skin on your lip heal. If there are areas around the lip that have been cut, apply Neosporin or another medicated ointment.
  4. Consider a warm salt-water solution. If there are visible cuts inside your mouth, a warm salt-water solution used twice per day can speed the healing process by disinfecting the cut. Keep in mind that the salt can sting. If the cut will not stop bleeding or is more than half an inch long, you may want to see a doctor.
  5. Avoid irritating the area. Avoid spicy foods, and stay hydrated so that your lips don't become chapped. Do not chew at your swollen lip, and avoid touching it. Don't apply lipstick or lip gloss; the ingredients may irritate your lip, especially if it is cracked or cut.

Treating your fat lip as soon as possible can minimize swelling and pain, and can also help it to heal faster. It can take about two days for the swelling to go down. Any bruising left behind may take longer to go away. The good news is that cuts inside the mouth tend to heal quickly.


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