How To Heal Digestive Problems

Many people suffer from digestive problems. In fact, 20% of the population in the United States alone suffers from these illnesses. Actually, these gastro disorders can be avoided if you know the things that you can eat and how much you can eat. Moderation is the key to keep your gastro disorders under wraps. If you already have digestive problems, all you need is a little avoidance, motivation and action and you can free yourself from drinking too much drugs or medicine once the pain or symptoms set in. Here are some considerations you should be taking to heal your digestive problems:

  • Watch what you eat. Avoid foods that are greasy and have a high level of oil and fat because these do not dissolve easily in your stomach. The result of this is shooting acid up to your esophagus lining which is only a small thin muscle separating your esophagus from the small intestines. This will automatically cause heartburn and pain. If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, you should avoid the fatty foods and those that are fried. Instead of eating oily foods, go for the foods that are helpful in flushing toxins from your body like fiber-enriched foods. This food group includes whole wheat bread, vegetables, beans and even tortillas.
  • Yes it is true that milk is good for your health and it is a good source of calcium but if you have stomach disorders, it may not be advisable to drink whole milk. Whole milk increases you acid level production and is not advisable for people with strong digestive problems. If you want your gastro problems to heal, do not add up acid-producing liquid like whole milk. Of course you still need calcium in your body so you can drink skim milk or fat-free milk or yogurt. If these milk products still get your stomach upset, settle for calcium supplements.
  • At any circumstance, avoid carbonated soda and alcohol. Alcohol and carbonated drinks produce acid that would prevent your gastro problems to heal and they can create more digestive problems as well. If you want to drink soda, you can drink moderately and sparingly.
  • Do not skip a meal, it is recommended that you eat small portions of meal in a day. You can eat a light snack in between your meals but do not stuff yourself. Your digestive track cannot heal faster if you stuff it with food that it cannot digest gradually. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins in your stomach and would enhance a good regular bowel movement.

These are some simple rules that you have to remember besides not eating fatty foods, eating more fiber, not drinking whole milk, avoiding alcohol and soda and not skipping a meal, you have to remember not to eat a snack or a meal two hours before going to bed. The chances of the food being digested during night time are slim since your digestive track slows down digestion when you sleep.


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