How To Heal Disease by Eating Raw Foods

You are what you eat. Raw foods are even more beneficial since they retain most of the nutrients that are lost when you cook the food. The Japanese are known for their Okinawa centenarian community. They eat a lot of raw food and are zero on preservatives. Now, you cannot really be assured of reaching a hundred years of age with these tips, but these steps can really help you heal your diseases with the help of raw food.

  • Goodbye, processed world. The number one advantage of going vegan fully is that you say goodbye to processed foods. Your friends will have to understand eventually. The processed foods are truly the source of most illnesses. When you eat them even in small doses but over a prolonged period of time, you are already doing much harm to yourself.
  • Herbs. The herbs for healing are the ones that really have major effects, aside from eating things as raw a possible. Rosemary and lavender, for example, are stress curers. Other diseases are not as directly addressed by a single type of herb, but you can make your own concoction as you see fit.
  • Omega 3. Omega 3 is present in oat meals and shark supplements. They are often taken raw for the best effects. They do wonders for those with cardiovascular problems. Have a lot of Omega 3 in your system because they are the good fats that you body will never grow tired of having.
  • Do away with meat. Meat products cause a lot of long term health problems, aside from giving you an over bloated feeling when you have had too much. Supreme meat lovers may struggle with this one. You can at least start by cutting your consumption to half or something to that effect.
  • Have lots of water. Part of the detoxifying effect of eating raw foods involve water intake. Have a generous serving of water. This will help your body processes to feel full and at the same time, not run out of the fluids to keep your system in good performance. Often, some illnesses are caused by lack of water. You will have saved yourself a lot of trouble just by drinking more water.
  • Make gradual dietary changes. Gradual changes ensure that you sustain the changes and it is not just a fad that will die over time.
  • Match the changes with mind exercises. Your mind and heart must also have faith in what you are doing. Make sure that as you alter your dietary choices, you will also be able to exercise your body and mind well. Match it all and you will have your balance in no time.

Raw foods are not just for Japanese eating out sessions. It is something that you can most certainly welcome in your daily eating grind. Websites like Hallelujah Acres can actually help you get yummy recipes out of raw materials. Roping up your goals with other like minded people will also help you be productive in your quest to healing yourself the natural way.


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