How To Heal Past Lives

Lives are being reincarnated, meaning one lives one lifetime and becomes another being in another lifetime. Because of this, it is possible for one person to have lived a troubled life in the past, and her present is still being affected by the negative experience of the past life. This may appear as some trouble with one’s health, a stressful cycle of negative events or simply a heavy feeling or emotion in which the root cause is difficult to trace. The past life has contributed to this pain, but there is a way to heal the hurts of past lives. It will not be an instant fix, but it will need some dedicated time until one starts to feel healed. Here are the simple steps to start healing a past life.

  • Decide on a place where you will spend some quiet time alone for you to do your healing ritual. It may be your own bedroom, or you can rent a hotel room, or it may be on a beach or on top of a hill. It should be a place where you can be alone for at least an hour, preferably a quiet, serene place. Make sure, though, that it is safe and someone knows you are there.
  • If the place does not have a bed or a carpet, bring your own blanket and spread it on a flat surface so you can sit or lie down comfortably. Lying down on your back is better since you are able to relax your muscles more and concentrate on your thoughts.
  • Lie down on your back and find a comfortable position. Focus your thoughts on an image of a circle, and other concentric circles around it. Imagine the innermost circle as your live, and the outer circles as the obstacles caused by your past life. Consider one aspect of your life and what hinders you from overcoming a challenge or pain. Think about that for a moment, but do not dwell on the negative emotion. Instead, think about what you want to happen instead. Think of the opposite, a positive emotion. Then speak to yourself and say, “I am allowing myself to heal from the wounds of my past. I am allowing myself to open to opportunities to change and grow. I am allowing myself to be happy”. It is better if you say it out loud to yourself because you hear your voice twice – in your mind and through your ears.
  • While doing the exercise, breathe in deeper and exhale longer. This helps your body to relax. Avoid getting distracted by your surroundings.

This exercise is just one of the ways to help you heal from your past life. However, this may not instantly work for you, meaning you have to do the exercise several times over a period until you feel some positive changes in your life. Your situation may be the same, but your outlook and attitude will, for the better. Read books on healing the past life to be able to effectively do other exercises and integrate them into your schedule.


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