How To Heal Quickly After a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is what we commonly call a "nose job." Some people are not satisfied with the shape of their noses or the way their nose bridge run through their face. In many instance, these people will resort to rhinoplasty to correct the irregularities of their noses. If you are one of those people who had rhinoplasty, you will be careful in the healing process of the operation or it may cause you some problems that would require re-surgery or worse, deform your nose worse than it originally is. Here are some tips for you on how to heal quickly after having a rhinoplasty:

  • Most patients who have undergone rhinoplasty experience swelling and bruising at least a week after the operation. A little swelling is normal but always have your cosmetic doctor check on the swelling just in case. There are certain homeopathic medications can increase the swelling and bruising and make it worse like vitamin C, vitamin E, aspirin and ibuprofens. It is best to avoid these medications for at least three or four weeks after your rhinoplasty.
  • Your rhinoplasty is sensitive and fragile. Weeks into the healing, your nose will still have to regenerate completely to heal the tissues around it. During these times, it is best to refrain from any physical activity that can increase your blood circulation. You should avoid physical activities as well to avoid any trauma or injury that can occur to your newly operated nose. It is vulnerable and one twist and your nasal bones may shift to another position. Worse, you may experience pain with the trauma.
  • You can put temporary relief to the bruises and swelling by placing a soft ice pack or a cold frozen soft cloth around your nose. Do not, however, touch your nose directly. You can carefully patch the cold compress on the sides of your nose. You should do this at 24 hours after the surgery to avoid your nose from swelling up too much.
  • Usually after surgery, the fluid from your nose and face can retain itself on the nasal area and can cause some swelling. When you are sleeping, be careful not to hit your nose on the sides of your bed or use a hard pillow. Recline your head instead on two or three soft pillows to help drain the fluid from your nose. Continue sleeping or laying down with a reclined head until you are healed from the operation.
  • You can take a prescribed medication from your cosmetic surgeon. Do not take pain relievers that will cause your blood to get thinner because this will increase the chances of swelling in the nasal area. Ask your doctor the best medicine to take when you need to have relief from any pain in your nose or any part of your body.

Healing from this kind of operation will take time. Others who had rhinoplasty can take at least six months to completely heal. Others will see the results as long as a year. You may even experience some mild depression while healing since you might get disturbed on what you see. Always make sure that you keep yourself positive and  be patient. Visit for check ups to make sure your healing is on the right path.


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