How To Help Relieve Gassy Babies

Your baby suddenly cries so loud. You checked the diaper and it’s clean and dry. Maybe he’s hungry. You tried to feed him with milk but he doesn’t want to have some. You tried to comfort him with toys and by carrying him. Nothing happened. Your baby must be suffering from painful gas. This is very common, especially in the first few months of the baby’s life. Almost half of newborn babies are also suffering from too much gas.

Don’t worry, though. There are a lot of ways to relieve gassy babies. Below are some of the tested techniques:

  • Light pressure. Apply light pressure on the baby’s tummy. It will soothe the stomach and help the release of trapped gas by breaking it up.
  • Legs up. Lay your baby on his back. Push his legs towards his tummy. Doing this will cause farting, which will help release gas naturally. Sometimes, babies have this instinct to move their legs up to their tummies when they feel stomach pain. But in case your baby can’t do that effectively, then a little help will be great for his relief.
  • Squatting. This is only for babies who can already support their heads. Help your baby to stand up on your lap or even on your soft bed. Help him to take a squatting position. This position will help the legs press the tummy so that gas can be released. It has the same effect as the leg up technique but squatting is more fun to do for babies.
  • Belly on your hand. Lay your baby on his belly and place your one hand under his belly. Carefully and slowly lift your hand. This way, your baby will experience a slight pressure on his belly. The position will also help him to easily release gas.
  • Burping. Helping your baby to burp will make him feel relieved from gas, too. Do this by hugging your baby and tapping his back to encourage burping.
  • Move. Moving your baby in different ways can help shake the gas and break it up. Help your baby to dance, twist his body, lie on his belly, or do the bicycle move. All these can help move the gas out so your baby will feel relieved.
  • OTC Meds. You did almost everything you can at home to help relieve your gassy baby. Still, nothing happened. At this point, you need to consult your baby’s pediatrician for some pieces of advice. The doctor will most probably prescribe an over-the-counter infant drop that can quickly break the gas bubbles up to give your baby fast relief.

Preventing is still better than trying to cure and relieve gassy babies. Determining why your baby frequently experiences painful gas will be your best solution. If you are breastfeeding it could be the foods that you eat. It could be the size of the nipple, which encourages your baby to suck too fast and gulp air. It is also possible that you sometimes forget to burp your baby after feeding.

As a parent, you always want your baby to comfortable all the time. But there are certain things that will bring discomfort to your baby like gas. At least, there’s always something you can do to comfort your baby and prevent him from having that painful gas again.


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