How To Help Someone in Addiction Recovery

Trying to get out of addiction is one of the hardest battles anyone can experience for the addict himself and for his family and friends. Addiction comes in many forms such as cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, love addiction, gambling, food addiction and many more. Regardless of the type of addiction, it is always a painful process for everyone involved.

It is the family and those who care for addict that face the reality that their loved one is hooked on something and doesn’t know how to kick off the habit. If you are in this situation, here are some helpful tips you can follow to facilitate the recovery of your love one.

  1. Help him to realize that he is addicted to something. Confrontation is not always a nice scene but there is no other way you can make him realize that he is an addict unless you force him into it. Make your loved one feel that his family and friends are not condemning him but instead are rallying for him so that he can be strong enough to accept the fact and face the reality. This is popularly known as addiction intervention. You can consult counselors before this activity takes place for coaching and planning the intervention.
  2. Acceptance is just the first step in trying to help your loved one get out of his addiction. If he has accepted the fact, then it is now time to take another step towards recovery by getting professional help. If your loved one voluntarily checks himself into a center then this is a good sign that he is serious in his way out of the habit. Although, it does not always follow that surely he will recover from here. The painful process is just beginning and almost always a lot of setbacks happen. Many addicts could not stand the process itself and go back to his addiction and with more intensity this time.
  3. In this case, family and friends have to set solid boundaries. Don’t believe everything that an addict says, believe what he does and be grounded by the realities. You have to be firm with him and make him understand that you want him to quit.
  4. At this stage the addict will try to do anything to deceive you--not intentionally though. It’s just that it is also a hard battle for him and his easy way out is to manipulate you into it. Sometimes, in order to help him, it is best not to help him at all. This is always true to those who are into drug addiction, alcohol addiction and the like.
  5. Watch out that you will not develop a codependency habit. This is when you become addicted to being needed by the addict himself. In this case you will give in to anything that your loved one asks from you in order to fill that sense that you are needed.

Drug recovery and other recovery programs for addicted people are at hand; do not hesitate to get help. Many stories have been told about addiction. Poems have been written about it and it shows how it feels good to help someone out of it.


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